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[Guild] About the Guild window interface (Alt + G)

I don’t know if this has been answered or implemented. It is not important but it still bothering me. Is there no ways to change the profession (class) of 1 char showed on the guild interface? It always show the 3rd class you change into.

For example: Pyromancer - Elementalist - Taoist, it always show Taoist on the Guild window.

Have you tried to switch main class through F1 yet?

Also, another you can do is switching classes circle around by resetting it to another class. Cost class points.

Does not work in that case.

It doesn’t work, since I have already tried that option. And for the class point switch around, it too costly (unless u full and have the class u wanted). Also, If using class point, does the art skill come with them or I have learn all of them again.

It’s always based on your third class, there’s no way around it.

Arts are not reset through class change.