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[Guide] Ways to get Vasalos coins for event and the kupole emotes

Hi I will share several tutorials of some ways to get the event coins and the kupole emotes the first videos are the guides in english and later ones are in spanish.
English guides:

Summer Festa event guide:

Kupole emote guide:

Guias en español:

Evento de verano Summer Festa:

Emoticonos de Kupole:

Gemstone feud:

Velcoffer Nest:

Jefes de Irredian Sheltes:

Misiones diarias:


oh, really nice! Thx for your help dude. =D

I wish we could use the Magic Ice Cubes for other things, at the end of each day we end up with tons of unused ones.

hold on to it for part 2

The hunting part really make no sense. I have been killing level 100+ mobs with level 90 chars and not a single coins drop. Is this exclusive for dungeon/cm/etc only?

It seems to have a limit per character/day. If you have gotten 200 coins with one of your chars, then you’ll have to wait for the next to day to drop 200 coins again.

[This information needs another person to confirm]

the limit is 200 coins per char ( 105 coin from exchange not counted to the 200 limit)