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[Guide/Video] Legend Skiaclipse's Gimmick: Double Attack [PT-BR/English in description]

Legend Skiaclipse’ Gimmick: Double Attack

Audio is in PT-BR; after 4 min. there’s a complete run doing this gimmick.
The steps to make this gimmick are described below & in video’s description.

I hope it helps someone :wink:

How to activate this ‘double attack’ buff:

• In Skiaclipse’s 2nd life, around 70% HP, three portals will open (around 6 o’clock; 1 o’clock and 10 o’clock);

• This video is about the 10 o’clock gimmick, on the upper-left part of the map;

• Your party must survive and pass the first Bone Prison (after 80%) without using the Healer’s Revive;

• The Priest must save this skill to the second Bone Prison (50%) or even after that;

• After your party breaks the second Bone Prison, one player can enter and complete the gimmick in order to double the attack (magic, physical and sub-) of the entire party

• Until then, your party must play mostly on the right side of the map, ir order to keep the upper-left area clean/safe.

• Once inside the Gimmick:
- interact to the ‘pillar’ in the middle to start the gimmick;
- the goal is to set all 4 orbs with the same color;
- attack them to change their color;
- pay attention on mobs, their attacks can change colors too;
- kill all mobs if you need;
- if your fail (time out) you will be teleported back and the boss will become stronger;
- when all 4 orbs are with the exact same color, you will be teleported back and the attack boost will be activated.

• All dealers must keep their skills/combos/set effects to use later, while empowered with this double attack;

• If your party has a high damage, It’s possible to skip all Skiaclipses’s last 40~50% HP, and that’s why you guys will need Revive: a lot of gimmicks/events will be activated at the same time.

• Good luck :wink:

*Agradeço ao Mehey e Wolf-Gang por me falarem desse gimmick; e ao Akravattor, DreamyEyed, Felkswagen, KNDXD, Gazeto and RickPrado por essas runs :wink:

*Vídeo anterior mostrando as ‘mechanics’ da raid e uma run:


Interesting, if only because it’s the first guide i’ve ever seen that even bothers about doing gimmicks. Do you perhaps know what the other gimmicks’ effects are?

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They’re all the same. They’re just different puzzles.

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Oh, ok. Thanks for the info.

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Thanks for this info Crevox, I wasn’t sure about other gimmicks effects.
I’ve tried to accomplish these others gimmicks one time each… and failed miserably c: