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[Guide] Reputation Quest/Shop Guide

The Reputation Quest/Shop is part of the episode 13 end-game content. It offers a variety of items and equipment like Goddess Cards, Loot Chance potion, etc. Players can earn supply/materials to level up their reputation shop to unlock star level to access the items. There are five goddess cards available which include Lada, Saule, Aujesta, Dahlia, and Vakerine. Each Goddess cards have their own stats and effect per star level.

:white_check_mark: Video Timestamp :white_check_mark:
• 0:00 Introduction
• 0:56 Reputation Quest (Daily/Weekly)
• 1:34 About Kingdom Coins
• 2:04 Shop Locations
• 2:50 About The Shop
• 5:02 Reputation Shop EXP
• 7:14 Goddess Cards
• 11:20 Tips and Tricks

Reputation Quest/Shop Guide / [NA] Klaipeda / Team name: Tsugami

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