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[Guide] Places to get Attribute points

[Guide] Places to get Attribute points
Server: Telsiai(Sea)
Team Name: Dreame


sole hunt

Assister Dungeon

Earth Tower

Velcoffer`s Nest 5x1000 attribute points

Tomb of the White Crow 2x1000 attribute points per run

lepidoptera junction

White Witch`s Forest

Receptionist Ramda and receptionist Donnes

Ramda give repeatable limited quest which give 500 attribute per quest

Donnes give repeatable daily quest

[wing of vaivora] lv170 above she will start to give attribute points

( thank you Devonne )

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i’m sorry to be mean, but how is this a guide??

Almost single content in the game gives attribute points except for Weekly Boss Raid and Joint Strike Raid.

the free hair coupon reward from doing guides is messing with ppls head

Should have a lot more like

JS gacha
Uni dungeon gacha
Ramda quest
Daily quest weekend
WW staring quest

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its ok to be mean
for you its common sense
for newbie its simple quick list something you look at once … when they see “ohh ok”

( the game does not tell you this places drop attribute points )

for unique dungeon gacha its not newbie friendly …

Good job. Yes you are right, i know i would have needed this back in my newbie days. There were so many things to absorb, yet those days were a lot simpler than now. Don’t listen to these people, they looking for a guide that will help them improve WBR damage, like “gitgud” for example. Continue helping the community, thanks for this.

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wings of vaivora NPC that hand out those kedoran gear package also give 1k-2k attribute point depending on level, cant remember which, i think starting from lv170.

very helpful for your clones that need minimal attribute point to unlock skills effect like BM targetted arrow

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