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[GUIDE MASTER] Farming Blessed Shards/Gems


Server: [NA] Klaipeda
Team Name: Ritsu


Blessed Shards and Blessed Gems are items essential to upgrading your equipment. They are also often used as an alternative to Silver when buying and selling items, so farming them is equal to making money. This guide will list the possible ways to obtain them.


10 Blessed Shards can be crafted into a Blessed Gem. The recipe is purchased from any Item Merchant NPC for 50,000 Silver.

Hunting Grounds


Every monster inside Hunting Ground maps have a low chance to drop Blessed Shards. Not the best way to farm them, but it’s something to do if you’re bored, and other valuable items can also drop.

Recommended farming method: A sustainable DPS build, preferably AoE classes. Farm in the highest level Hunting Ground currently available for other valuable items such as high-level Primus gear so that it’s not a complete waste of time.

Elite Monsters

Elite monsters are stronger versions of normal monsters that appear in all field maps, Hunting Grounds, and Challenge Mode Stages 6 and 7. They have a chance to drop 2 Blessed Shards when defeated.

Recommended farming method: Just kill one when you see it. The monster must be within 20 levels of your character.

Challenge Mode Cubes


The cubes rewarded from successfully completing Challenge Modes have a very rare chance to drop 5 Blessed Shards. The shining cubes, obtained from completing Stage 6 and 7, are more likely to drop shards.

Recommended farming method: At least character level 100 required to do Challenge Mode. Party up with well-geared players to do Stage 6 and 7.

Saalus Convent

You can run Saalus Convent Missions which rewards Blessed Cubes when completed. Blessed Cubes drop Blessed Shards when opened, or very rarely Blessed Gems. The first 3 runs of the day also rewards Sister Aiste’s Gifts, which always contains 2 Blessed Shards.

Recommended farming method: Character level 240+ required. Always run with a full party if possible. Run at least 3 times a day on multiple characters which will get you a total of 9 shards.

Irredian Shelter Bosses

In the Irredian Shelter Hunting Ground, you can fight bosses in a solo-only instance. The bosses drop Irredian Cubes, which contain 5 Blessed Shards among other items. Enough monsters must be killed inside the map in order to open the portals that let you have access to one of the two bosses. These bosses can be fought 5 times per week, which resets every Monday 6 AM server time.

Recommended farming method: Use a well-geared character with a build suited for boss DPS.

Gemstone Feud

Gemstone Feud is a large-scale PvP mode where you farm gemstones to exchange for points for your team. The Mercenary Badges awarded can be exchanged for Blessed Gems. Mercenary Badges are awarded whether your team wins or loses, but more can be obtained if your team wins, if you contribute more to your team, and if you get MvP on scores and/or player kills.

Recommended farming method: Classes with large AoE skills if farming gemstones from the monsters. PvP-focused builds if farming gemstones from crystals. Do both rounds per day for more badges. Can exchange 2 Blessed Gems per day, which requires 2,000 badges.

Boruta Individual Rewards

For hardcore players only. The top 70% players who have earned contribution points in Borutos Kapas are rewarded 45 Blessed Shards and 3 Boruta Medals.

Recommended farming method: Character level 360+ required. Join the top guild in your server. Otherwise, don’t bother.