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[Guide] Inventory Managent


Taking care of the inventory is very important to maintain the organization, here we will talk a little about the weight and how to manage it.

When you open your inventory you will notice two different percentages right in the bottom corner.

Weight - this is your current weight, each item has its own weight and increases with the quantity, if your weight reaches 100% or more your movement will be compromised.

Slot - this is the percentage of how many different items you can carry in your inventory, it only counts items with different names and not their quantities, if you reach the maximum limit you will not be able to carry anything else.

To improve your inventory management there are functions that can help you, if you are heavy and do not know what it can be, try ordering your entire inventory by Weight on the second button just above Weight.

With this you will know what is weighing more in each tab of the inventory, thus being able to sell, dismantle or throw away your spare items.

[Guide] Inventory Managent/ Server: Silute(SA) / Team Name: Zu3r4