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[Guide] Ichors 101 ver 1.0 (2021)

Hello there new/returning saviors !

Want to progress into the game but confused at what is ichors ?
Not sure what is random and what is fixed ichors ?
Don’t worry ! Neither do I !
So lets find out !

Every gear is able to slot in a random ichor and fixed ichor.
Random ichor is recognizable by their colors

When it is extracted, it is under the materials tab in your inventory.

Where as fixed ichor is characterized by their lines (-)

When it is extracted, it is under the material tabs in the inventory.

So how does one obtain ichors in the first place ?

  1. Purchase from the market

It will be under the special gear materials tab.
You will have to pick what you need for your equipment, and make sure it matches eg: ichors for top is only for top armor equipment and ichor for dagger is only for dagger.

  1. Extract from gears !

Why the difference? Berthas gears has a lower range value compared to primus gear. The max stat value for both of the gears are the same. Berthas gears are cheaper when attempting re-identification.

The maximum lines you can get from berthas and primus is the same.
That being 4 lines for armor equipment
6 lines for 2 handed main weapon
2 lines for trinkets
4 lines for one handed weapon
4 lines for sub weapons and shield.

You will need to use Mysterious Magnifier or Artisan Magnifier to get the number of lines intended.

Then use Sandra’s Magnifier to get the color you desire

Once you get the color you desire, time to use those hard earned nucle powder and sierra powder to get the desired stats

Then use Sandra’s Detailed Magnifier to get the value you desire.

Once you get everything you want/need, head over to Fedimian to find the blacksmith Teliavelis to extract ichor. He can be found at the top left of the warp statue.

You will need to use extraction kits and sierra powder everytime you want to extract. If you fail to extract, the potential of the item will reduce by 1. After reaching 0 potential, it would be best to use gold extractor to prevent the item from being destroyed.

  1. Transmuting the ichors !

Another way of obtaining ichors is through transmutation, you will need to put two identical items. It would be best if both item is at full potential so that the success rate is 100%. This will consume both items to make one ichor. If you are using transmutation for random ichors, you have 50% chance of obtaining a random ichor from the first or second item placed inside. So be careful!

Note that some gears have permanent random ichors in them. Meaning you are unable to extract them. These would be the legend 440 savinose gears

Once you obtained the ichors you desire, head over to the friendly blacksmith and equip them !

Do take note, you are able to equip and un-equip those ichors as you see fit by paying silvers !

Congratulations ! You are one step closer to world domination !
Enjoy your journey !

*I wanted to put pictures for easier visualization but am only allowed to put one.

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Post Title: [Guide] Ichors 101 ver 1.0 (2021)