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[Guide] How to jump better at [Summer campfire] Traveler's Request

  1. Install zoomyplus addon. I wont teach how and where to obtain it, just google it.
  2. At the start of the map, type /zplus rotate x y.
    For example
    normal map look like this, right?

after me typing /zplus rotate 90 60, it change like this

another example, at first checkpoint, normally look like this

after i type /zplus rotate 90 60, it become like this

you can change the x-axis y-axis however you prefer, not obligate to imitate mine x=90 y=60 angle. If you messed up your camera, just type /zplus reset.


how do i enter that map?

ok i just got in… what a waste of time this event is

oof nice guide! commend

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