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[Guide] How to do the Camping event

  1. collect 100 Spray daily from cm/raid/afk/etc

  2. optional: jump pads to obtain more items to throw into Campfire
    → Traveler’s Request
    → Deliver The Notebook

  3. woodcutter quest to obtain 30 High Quality Firewood
    → Go To The Lazy Woodcutter
    → Lazy Woodcutter’s Request
    → Return
    → Deliver Firewood

  4. play rock paper scissors to gamble your Spray for items to throw into Campfire
    → Go To The Lazy Woodcutter
    → Woodcutter’s Offer Of A Bet → repeat until no more tries

  5. start or join a Campfire
    → starting a campfire will allow other players to join before it starts
    → doing the campfire with more people will allow you to gain higher points easier
    → talk to the campfire → chuck your Fragments & Stones
    → you can chuck some High Quality Wood too but remember these are needed to join other campfires


  • you get better rewards the higher the points you get after the campfire ends
    (max 500 points)
  • you get more Attribute Points the more people join into the campfire
    (max 5 people)
  • take turns hosting the campfire because the host gets a 100 point boost