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[Guide] Don`t Choose this character guide

[Guide] Don`t Choose this character guide
Server: Telsiai(Sea)
Team Name: Dreamer

First time player tree of savior and your fan of fist type character ?
planning to get nak mauy … or monk … i am here to stop you before you suffer … if you are willing to suffer welcome to the family

currently this there is two type of fist type character ( but our main focus is nak mauy )

nak mauy

to play monk you need base class cleric
to play nak mauy you need base class swordman

there is 3 type of damage / 3 armor type
slash vs cloth +25% damage
pierce vs leather + 25% damage
strike vs plate +25 % damage

playing martial artist you main damage type is strike
currently strike damage is the weakest

even tho you are fighter plate type certain class like fencer will still outdps you

nak mauy is hidden class of swordman unlike other classes when you max out class level you can instantly advance the class of choice for nak mauy you need to do hidden quest or buy voucher for it

For how hard nak muay quest is how time consuming it is you are expecting an awesome class
sadly its not

if you thinking … i am going to get nak mauy and enjoy the game …
i can say you could … but i can tell you right now game punishing for playing non-meta class

What made nak muay bad

  1. Nak Muay … classes but will benefit with your class are pelt / rod / and murmi and they are all shield class
  2. You not tank and definitely not a dps / if you decided to compare your skill factor with dopp or other dps classes nak simple that bad
    3 The game got skill modifier called ARTs and nak got 2 Arts its not worth the price
    the first one
    image it cost 36 000 attribute points just teleport and stun
    compare to this bullet maker
    image only costs 15 attribute points
    or Pyromancer
    but look at the improvement same price 36 000 attribute points
    the second
    image only last 20 sec … cant use other skill you will lose the benefit of final damage buff

4 you got buff which increases your final damage of your nak muay skill its good … but looking at how pathetic your skill is its a lazy way they improve nak mauy …
other class got overheat same cd as your skill( some got better skill factor )
vs your skill + your buff final damage

5 nak mauy skill casting/animation is clunky and freaking slow … if you try our classes with overheat
rouge or assassin then can cast 4 x3 overheat vs nak 4 skill
( if your think they rouge and assassin they are meant to be fast … cough martial artist using your body as a weapon you would want to be fast )

What make Nak Mauy really bad class … he does not have character combination
fencer got matador
highlander / barb / dopp / bb

nak mauy simple does not fit in …

i hope i help you to change your mind to not get this class

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thank you, very useful guide! always useful to know that trash is trash! this should be pinned! :joy:
ive just got a question? why dont you follow your own guide and stop bothering the whole forum about how bad shield classes are and stuff? nobody cares anyway :joy:

too late already deep in the rabbit hole … and the only way is forward …

shield class is good as a tank …
nak mauy is the problem