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[Guide] Damage formula

The knockback hits are what make it so op.

Level 1 cartart storke into a 25 enemy mob… blasts everything. In a wide range.

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Testing out Warrior/Highlander stuff without a weapon for consistency:

Thrust, Bash, Cross Cut, Sky Liner and Moulinet follow the normal formula.
Wagon Wheel is (Atk+SkillAtk-Def) x 1.1. However, unlike Ice Bolt, this 10% additional damage is NOT additive to the armor modifier. On cloth targets it’s 50%*10% not 50%+10%.

This is wrong, it’s not per charge level, it’s just a flat +50% added to the total damage. Cartar Stroke’s damage simply changes per charge level as do all chargeable skills.

Using a level 10 Cartar Stroke at 5 charges on a Dumaro, while having 78 Attack and 5% on the damage attribute, gives us the following formula:
(78 + 385 (level 5 cartar stroke) - 72) * 0.75 (Leather penalty) * 1.5 (Skill modifier) * 1.05 (Attribute) = 461

So yes, so far, it would seem all chargeable skills have this innate 50% damage increase. I’ll go check on my Archer’s Full Draw next.

Edit: Seems like it. It doesn’t match but I have no idea how archer’s Missile penalty works on medium sized leather targets so I’ll chalk the disrepancy up to that. I do know that it’s much higher than the damage without an additional 50%, and the missile penalty wouldn’t cause me to get MORE damage out of it so yeah…

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Interesting, good work! You mentioned that the damage changes per charge level. How does this work? Does the base damage go up or does the multiplier increase?

Also, where did the 0.75 leather penalty come from? Shouldn’t the type modifier be 0.5?

That’s what I thought too, but the game seems to be wrong. It’s only 25% reduction, not 50%, everyting checks out perfectly using x0.75 (25% penalty), so I have no reason to believe otherwise.

And the damage is literally just the level of the skill.
Charge level 1 = level 1 skill damage (for cartar stroke, 160)
Charge level 2 = level 2 skill damage (for cartar stroke, 216)

Just for confirmation I hit a plate enemy with my sword a few times and the damage range matches perfectly with a 25% penalty.

Does that mean a maxed Cartar Stroke charges all the way from Lv1 to 15? That’s wild.

Interesting bit about the type penalty… There could be some order of operations shenanigans going on that’s making it look like 0.75, but I’ll keep that in mind if I get the chance to test physical damage.

Yes it does. Level 15 cartar stroke takes 7.5 seconds to charge though, so have fun with that. Level 5 is all you need really. The defense ignoring knockback hits that occur on bosses without ever knocking back are what’s broken on the skill anyhow.

I hit stuff completely naked with a strike attack and it’s 0.75. I do it again for a slash attack with a weapon this time, and it’s 0.75 again. I don’t see what else it would be than the game just showing the wrong info in the help screen, haha.
Wasn’t it originally 25% to begin with? Maybe they forgot to edit the penalty value (since obviously, the bonus damage is properly 50%)

Not sure about the original values, but it’s entirely possible that it’s just wrong. If true, that would definitely justify a bug report.

Asked around ingame and sure enough, there’s other people who noticed. Someone in shout mentioned someone has already reported it so we’ll see what happens in kOBT.

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Hi everyone… While doing my own testings, I think I got some info that may be useful. I’m wizard class so idk if this is also applicable for PATK users, but this worked for my normal attack (Z) and my skills.
For monsters that are 5 levels higher and above… I think the penalty is, they add defense to the monster:

5 levels higher = +10% defense
6 levels higher = +20%
7 levels higher = +30%
…so on and so forth :grin:
so if monster is 20 levels higher than character level = monster defense +160%

I apologize in advance if this is wrong or already known. :blush:

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That is new to me, thanks!

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Tested what i wanted to test, found a few bugs and helped gather dc data for imc.

Read before you play xD. It helps to know a few things.
Not only in games ^^.

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50% of base skill damage or base damage as calculated formula? from my testing it does 200% of base formula damage. each .5 seconds increases the level of the skill as used. again I have to test again cause i didnt make sure to try it at each rank and test again and again to make sure. I will be more through when i test it next, just started a new job and i’ve been swamped since last week. i’ll try and get it in this weekend.

maybe i was hitting strike weak enemies when i tested and didnt notice, this would add up

Should give my thread a read. I’ve even put all the modifiers in the order they are done within the game.

Granted, you can swap the order of each “Tier”, but each modifier within a tier is additive.

And I already have Cartar Stroke in my list of modifiers, it’s a Tier 2 mod of +50% (150% in additive format to make math with other modifiers in the tier easier, should they exist).

Yes, charging just determines the skill level used.

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that’s interesting.

So the boss damage is bugged?
Might take down the dps swordman class does a bit.

More room for crit archers xD to kill stuff.

So bro, if my hit only 1 HP with 0 critical att, then if with 2k critical att my critical hits will 2k right?