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[Guide] +20 Stamina From Hidden Quest

Title: [Guide] +20 Stamina From Hidden Quest
ServerName: Telsiai
Team Name: Hanbin

There’re 4 hidden quest in game that gain you +5 Stamina each
Already have many Outdated version on internet, now I add some change and revised full tips/trick after update Ep13

2 small tips will help you before getting started:

How to find completed/incompleted quest?

To unlock hidden quests, sometime you have to finish pre-quest. To check if you’ve done them or not, press F5 > Complete tab > Type to search for the quest
(remember to check All quest/Main Quest/SubQuest in Display Settings)

Find NPC / Object location in map

Some hidden quest force you to talk to correct NPCs / Object, sometime it hard to find their location in a big City map like Klaipeda, Orsha, Fedimian,…

– 4 Hidden Quests / Reward : +5 Stamina each –

Mercenary Lindt's Favor

Start Location: Overlong Bridge Valley
NPC: Mercenary Lindt
Quest line:

  1. Merchant’s Mercenary
  2. Lindt’s Matters
  3. Effective Painkillers
  4. Ready to Return Home
    Above quests are very easy to do, after clear 4 quests, come back to Mercenary Lindt’s NPC,
    SIT DOWN (Rest mode, by pressing Insert button on your keyboard) next to him, then he will give you the hidden quest

Mercenary Lindt’s Favor: Kill Dumaro nearby and bring him their legs
Quest Finished.

Military Support

Start Location: West Siauliai Wood

  1. Talk (interact) to 4 Bulleting board in this map:


After that, Talk to Knight Titas NPC to get the Hidden quest

Military Support:
Kill 100 Mobs in Dvasia Peak Map

The Wizard and the Mage Tower
  1. Finish Ep1 (can start from Bishop dream of the goddess (1) to when you can unlock Alchemist Master in Miner’s Village)
  2. Finish Ep2 (From “To Gele Plateau” to when you can unlock to Paladin Master in Nefritas Cliff)
  3. Finish Royal Mausoleum Main quest line (Ep4: Tomb of the Great King)
  4. Finish Episode 5 main quests (Mage Tower Quest Line), start in Fedimian, Grita NPC
  5. While doing Mage Tower Main quest line, also do Sub-Quests below:
Quest Map NPC
Young Magician Owyn (1) Mage Tower F1 Owyn
Young Magician Owyn (2) Mage Tower F1 Owyn
Evidence of Bedazzlement (1) Mage Tower F1 Cordelier
Evidence of Bedazzlement (2) Mage Tower F1 Cordelier
Evidence of Bedazzlement (3) Mage Tower F1 Cordelier
Transmuter Furry Odd (1) Mage Tower 4F Furry Odd
Transmuter Furry Odd (2) Mage Tower 4F Furry Odd
Transmuter Furry Odd (3) Mage Tower 4F Furry Odd
Hot-blooded Simon Shaw (1) Mage Tower 5F Simon Shaw
Hot-blooded Simon Shaw (2) Mage Tower 5F Simon Shaw
Hot-blooded Simon Shaw (3) Mage Tower 5F Simon Shaw

Come back to talk to Thaumaturge Master in GateWay of Great King (talk 2-3 times) to see this below dialogue:

  1. Talk to all Class Master NPCs listed below (just talk, no need take any quest from them)
Klaipeda: 17 masters

Find NPC by Klaipeda - Maps - Tree of Savior Database (read #How to find NPC/Object)

No Maps Master
1 Klaipeda Templar Master
2 Klaipeda Peltasta Master
3 Klaipeda Cryomancer Master
4 Klaipeda Quarrel Shooter Master
5 Klaipeda Ranger Master
6 Klaipeda Swordsman Master
7 Klaipeda Wizard Master
8 Klaipeda Archer Master
9 Klaipeda Cleric Master
10 Klaipeda Priest Master
11 Klaipeda Krivis Master
12 Klaipeda Oracle Master
13 Klaipeda Scout Master
14 Klaipeda Professional Alchemist
15 Klaipeda Pyromancer Master (In Pyromancer Master’s Lab)
16 Klaipeda Bokor Master (in Bokor Master Home)
17 Klaipeda Highlander Master (In Highlander Master’s Traning Hall)
West Siauliai Wood: 2 Masters

West Siauliai Woods - Maps - Tree of Savior Database (

No Master
1 Dievdirbys Master
2 Hoplite Submaster
East Siauliai Woods: 3 Masters

East Siauliai Woods - Maps - Tree of Savior Database (

No Master
1 Barbarian Master
2 Hunter Master
3 Sapper Master
Miner's Village: 3 masters

Miners’ Village - Maps - Tree of Savior Database (

No Master
1 Linker Master
2 Psychokino Master
3 Alchemist Master

:slight_smile: If you cannot find Alchemist master Vaidotas here, that mean he is still kidnapped by Vubbe Thief
and you have to rescue him kek

Do main quest line start from Bishop’s Dream of the Goddess (1) in Klaipeda - NPC Templar master
and finish the quest “Kidnapped Villagers” to unlock Vaidotas - The Alchemist Master in Miner’s Village

U think it’s over? Nope !! U lazy man!!
To unlock next Paladin master in next map (Nefritas Cliff) you have to continue the main quest in Crystal Mine > Gele Plateau > Nefritas Cliff.

Nefritas Cliff: Paladin Masters

Nefritas Cliff - Maps - Tree of Savior Database (

Gateway of the Great King: 5 Masters

Gateway of the Great King - Maps - Tree of Savior Database (

No Master
1 Assasin Master
2 Cataphract SubMaster
3 Rodelero Submaster
4 Thaumaturge Master
5 Wugushi Submaster
Stele Road: 2 Masters

Stele Road - Maps - Tree of Savior Database (

No Master
1 Chronomancer Master
2 Falconer Master
Akmens Ridge: 4 Master

Akmens Ridge - Maps - Tree of Savior Database (

No Master
1 Corsair Master
2 Pardoner Master
3 Sadhu Master
4 Elementalist Master
Forest of Prayer: 3 Master

Forest of Prayer - Maps - Tree of Savior Database (

No Master
1 Fencer Master
2 Schwarzer Reiter Master
3 Sorcerer Master
Goddess's Ancient Garden : 2 Masters

Goddess’ Ancient Garden - Maps - Tree of Savior Database (

No Master
1 Fletcher Master
2 Monk Master
Fedimian: 4 Masters

Fedimian - Maps - Tree of Savior Database (

No Master
1 Doppelsoeldner Master
2 Rogue Master
3 Squire Master
4 Druid Master
Mullers Passage

Mullers Passage - Maps - Tree of Savior Database (
Necromancer Master

  1. Comeback and talk to Thaumaturge Master at GateWay of Great King to unlock the hidden quest

  2. Go and answer question from below NPC, pick the correct answers below:
    Cordelier in Mage Tower 1F

Owyn in Mage Tower 1F

Furry Odd in Mage Tower 4F

  1. Talk to Shimon Saw in Mage Tower 5F, get final quest “The Wizard and the Mage Tower (2)”

  2. Get the book for him and finish the quest

The One Who Experienced Death
  1. Find a PRIEST friend

  2. Come to Tenet Church 1F (Center Altar)

  3. Friendly Duel with your friend and let him/her kill you 6 times
    (Priest use resurrection after killing you)

  4. Visit Paladin Master in Nefritas Cliff and take the hidden quest
    “The One Who Experienced Death”

  5. Kill the boss (now moved to Nefritas Cliff intead of Novaha Institude from Ep13) and finish the quest

Tks for reading <3


Hi Hanbin!

Quick question, is “being resurrected by the Resurrection skill” in front of the “altar” six times the actual trigger for the quest or is it just dying in front of it? I wanted to use Soul Crystals if that was possible.


I needed to do the “The Wizard and the Mage Tower” Quest but I can’t seem to trigger it. I’ve done all the prerequisites and talked to ALL masters, including the ones in Orsha. Wugu Submaster is gone in Gateway of the Great Kings, maybe that’s why? Huhu I’ve talked to everyone though. :sad:

You just need to die. Back then, the monster can kill u, so we can just keep using sc. Now, u need ppl to help kill u. As long you dont relog and change char, any method to come back is fine.

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SC can, just dont move out from the maps

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yes, u need to finish Ep4 to unlock the hidden dialogue from Thauma master

@evarcode @vinhlong276 thanks!

I’m already done with Ep 4 :sad:

can you see the hidden dialogue now?

No, otherwise I would have come back here and posted an update. :sad:

To reiterate, I did all the prerequisites, the required quests, I done them all. Talked to all class masters including the ones that weren’t listed. Still no quest.

I don’t know, maybe this doesn’t work anymore with all the recent changes. :sad:

Some hidden quest is broken or can’t be completed. Fixing the quest also seems not a priority due to how unpopular this quest has become.

Hidden quest is not hidden anymore since there is guide to complete it. Kudos to those who spent time writing this guide and making our life easier.

I am in the same situation as kklalixa… no hidden quest even i complete all the prerequisites.

I got the quest!
I cleared all the sub-quests in the mage tower, talked to each Class Masters (including the Piped Piper NPC in the Forest of Prayer, it requires a task to show the NPC), get the task finally.

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There’s no specific list of sub quests that you need to finish in mage tower. You need to complete all the quests there. Otherwise thaum’s hidden dialog won’t appear.

Guide20 Stamina From Hidden Quest* · Find a PRIEST friend · Come to Tenet Church 1F Center Altar · Friendly Duel spacebar counter with your friend and let him/her kill you
Owl Burial Ground : Owl Burial Ground Test Stamina Increase Series (+5 Stamina) Soldier Lindt’s Favor Stamina West Siauliai Woods …

Hmm I tried to revisit West Siaulai and interact with the different boards there… Knight Titties doesn’t give any hidden quest anymore :frowning:
(and yeah I’m sure I never did this with any char and I even tried with a new one, no quest…)

just tried west siaulai quest. still gives the quest for stamina.

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Strange… I’m sure I never did this so I shouldn’t have the stamina bonus. Maybe I’m interacting with the wrong boards? Since I tried the Moroth Embassy start with a new char I’ll try with that one since it’s fresh.