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GTW map "not seized"

Date and Time: October 11th, 7 PM server time

Server Name: Silute

Team Name: Fean

This is not a ticket, because two tickets have already been submitted and no action has been taken as of now. IMC employees already have all the information they need to correct the bug, and this post is just to make public the fact.

Last GTW, LIMIT seized Salvia Forest 6:58 server time. At 7 PM, we received the “Victory” message. A few seconds later, the channel crashed. Then, a few moments later, when the GTW results should be available through the world map, Salvia Forest was shown as “not seized”. To put the icing on top, at 9 PM server time, we receive the server announcement of the GTW results:

Genar Field: not seized
Aqueduct Bridge Area: not seized
Baron Allerno: not seized
Nuoridin Falls: not seized
Sventimas Exile: not seized
Salvia Forest: LIMIT guild

What?? Well… This is not the first time a guild “loses a feud” because of channel crashes and, unfortunately, I suspect it will not be the last either. But it’s been more than 48 hours since the issue occurred and still there’s no solution to be seen.

Now, we need to do Boruta’s guild quest. And we, “officially”, have no territory. We mobilize tens of people to the GTW to have the server crash on our faces. Now we are going to the quest with no certainty of the rewards we will receive.

This is very frustrating, because it shows the lack of respect from the company running the game for its customers. Every single week we have unbearable lag/desync and channel crashes during GTW and nobody cares to do anything. Every single game content made by 20+ players is basically impossible for the game client to handle if you’re not using addons and/or running the game on a supercomputer-liquid-nitrogen-refrigerated. And that’s the way the most tryhard players are treated. I can only imagine if were a newcomer, actually starting to play now on the Season server, if I would have any reason to keep playing TOS instead of the new game of the month. But new costumes and equipments that take months of regular gameplay to acquire keep coming…


Please, solve it… This is very frustrating


@STAFF_Yuri please check out


It is absolutely frustrating after hours between preparation and battle we didn’t recive the proper reward. PLEASE , IMC fix it. We want to keep enjoying this game.



That sad.

My friends told me that IMC is very incompetent. :unamused:


This is very sad.
After 2 tickets, nothing was done… And we sent prints and videos showing we really got the feud.


@STAFF_Yuri @Staff_Jin @Staff_Alex @Staff_Brand @STAFF_William @STAFF_Bob

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this is unacceptable error in this “old” game with 4 years… that’s so bad to see in this game…

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I bet if they are going to solve this situation they will do it in a nutshell, ridiculous as we are treated by IMC.

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@Staff_Jin @Staff_Alex @Staff_Brand @STAFF_William @STAFF_Bob PLEeeeeAAaaAse
we are being affected by this problem, we played the war and now we want what is ours for conquest, please take a look and resolve this as soon as possible.

It’s sad and frustrating know that you play a game for 4 years, spend thousand of money for fun and the company do nothing to get better, use some way that the FPS would not get down on WB or GTW

please check out ,This is very frustrating

Hello saviors.

We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience.
We have failed to fix the issue due to omission during issue modification process.
Please accept our sincere apology.
We will try our best to avoid this in the future.
We are sincerely sorry again.

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Hello, Jin. I appreciate you taking the time to reply. I’d also appreciate an update on the actual solution to the issue. Like: “Don’t worry, LIMIT, you’re going to get the due rewards from the GTW and also the Boruta rank rewards”.


Vocês se orgulham disso? Vocês não tem vergonha disso? Vocês realmente acham isso bonito?

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Thank you for taking responsibility for the problem, this is the minimum that could be expected of the company.
However, we all face a deadlock here. We are costumers. I’m consuming your game even if I never ever purchased PP points. Because the game market allows me to buy with silver the premium items that other players bought. This is what makes this game next to something that would be called “fair”

I don’t see fairness when a whole guild with more than 30 players investing their time and sometimes money is impaired by server disconnection issues and isn’t properly compensated.

We are a large Guild. Go on and check out the monthly log, we have manage to stay in the Ranks for MONTHS. It is nothing but unfair what is happening here.

Again, thanks for the retraction. But we need compensation, we deserve it.


Obrigada por se responsabilizar pelo problema, esse é o mínimo que se poderia esperar da empresa.
No entanto, todos nós enfrentamos um impasse aqui. Somos clientes. Eu estou consumindo seu jogo, mesmo sem nunca ter comprado PP points . Porque o market me permite comprar com silver os itens premium que outros jogadores compraram. Isso é o que torna este jogo próximo a algo que seria chamado de “justo”

Não vejo justiça quando uma guilda inteira com mais de 30 jogadores investindo seu tempo e, às vezes, dinheiro, é prejudicada por problemas de desconexão do servidor e não é devidamente compensada.

Somos uma grande Guilda. Vá em frente e verifique o log do mês, conseguimos ficar no Rank por MESES. É injusto o que está acontecendo aqui.

Mais uma vez, obrigada pela retratação. Mas nós precisamos de compensação, nós merecemos isso


@Staff_Alex you fixed some known issues today.

Why this issue wasn’t listed?

@ @Staff_Jin @Staff_Alex

It looks like “■■■■ you, but sorry”