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GTW Lag AGAIN! (every week)

1:16 seconds left = 14 points per second with Templar help = 1064 points in 1:16 secs

notice time 1:36 and the Skyline has 788 points

at that very moment the skyline joined in the middle with the templar bonus.

this one shows the time that paradise caught the feud, which would be 20 seconds after the skyline started to score in the middle, taking into account that skyline already had 788 points + 19 seconds scoring 14 points per second with the help of the templars would be 1054 points before paradise gets the map, now it depends on IMS @stafs to check the game properly.
@STAFF_Yuri @STAFF_William @Staff_Alex @Staff_Jin @GM_Francis

“Don’t put you bot on forum”… and keep spaming the same anywhere.
Just Pathetic.


since they signaled.

hello @STAFF_Bob I hope you look at this topic and his complaints correctly too.

to reinforce my idea of lagg on the server showing the amount of points going up wrong, look at this print of the paradise player showing that I still had 1 second to finish the gtw, and by the time the server was past 7pm.
now regardless of what this print says, we show that we got the feud within the estimated time of the gtw or am I wrong
@Staff_Jin @STAFF_William @STAFF_Yuri @Staff_Alex @STAFF_Bob @STAFF_Amy

ANOTHER (and another, another ) topic on the same subject, with the same repeated messages…

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@staff It was clear that Paradise does not want to improve the server, but rather, in some way harm the Skyline guild, creating various topics on the same subject with the help of its partner guilds.

Just go see the POV from your team, 1 sec for end GTW skyline has 661 points.
Ok, bug abuser.

How to abuse an error cited by Paradise? Knowing that, if the player map is filled, the server would suffer from instability?

Who “bugged” was Paradise to take advantage of this instability at the end of GTW to force a victory that was not concerted, if observing the entire GTW, Skyline came holding the feud with PRIMOR.

Failing to catch the field using this tactic, he came to the forum to accuse Skyline of having this to the feud just to bug and catch it.

Review your concepts

@Staff_Jin @STAFF_William @STAFF_Yuri @Staff_Alex @STAFF_Bob @STAFF_Amy

The video proves that the Skyline controlled, conquered and defended the Genar Field map without any problems throughout the GTW and that Paradise, knowing that if the map receives several players at once it tends to bug, forced an exploit (stressing the server) to achieve a victory, not achieving the same, came to open several topics and spawn ready messages (which is against the rules of the forum) to try to force the feud!

This, in addition to proving to be a dirty and unfair move, shows that Paradise does not respect even the forum’s own rules of coexistence.


You see the video or just repeat what told you to repeat???

Another video, another perspective:
1:16 left were seized the center of the map. 76 x 14 = 1064. GG

@Slade The fact that this video was edited to Crop the Seconds in the end doesn’t help your cause at all.

At 1:00:13 everyone can clearly see that it reached 00:00 and it was extending until the very end of the video evidence, 72seconds extended. This really doesn’t help you guys at all


@GM_Francis Answer, lock the threads, let’s make the forums good again and move with this nonsense. And tell the devs to optimize the ■■■■■■■ game already

Paradise and its friends will always focus on the end, because as they managed to carry out the exploit to overload the server, they will rely on that …

They arrived saying that Skyline went to the map just to get it and get it, and Skyline stayed on the map from the beginning defending.

@Staff_Jin @STAFF_William @STAFF_Yuri @Staff_Alex @STAFF_Bob @STAFF_Amy penalize Paradise, both for overloading the server intensionally, and for generating flamming and fake news on the forum, hindering its progress.

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-seizing feud after GTW’s regular time, two times in this month
-macro using
-flagging forum threads for no reason
-their own POV’s showing they’re wrong
-kamaroo spam, because NO ONE is giving he a f*ck, as ALWAYS xD

this thread is pure gold!


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We cant fight for Genar Feud with our 95/95 guild, because we know its gonna lag, and knowing that, we are ABUSING AND INTENTIONALLY OVERLOADING THE MAP! omgggggggggggg

no sh*t, sherlock
what about seizing a feud on REGULAR gtw time next week?

Paradise Lies, verified

Man, that’s the ultimate nonsense…

“macro use // false”

Dude, that was his OWN screen shot
can you be honest and stop being used as a shield for ONCE?

LMAO wtf slade, are you accusing someone of editing that screenshot?

GMec gives an explanation (what you omitted obviouslly)
I cannot response another thing because i don’t know how to see if it’s “really” a macro.

nah he didnt. he just posted a screenshot from /screenshots tos files.

And even assuming he explained, that doesnt make my allegation false, right?
So at the end of the day, we both know who’s lying, right?

again, in case you missed
i anexed on my ticket the program’s name etc, dont worry

so you guys feel free to acusing me, or Paradise guild, no one cares. Everyone in Silute and now in Forums knows very well Skyline’s fame. grats!