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GTW feedback Fedimian

  • Team Name: Daaykl

  • Character Name: Loroths

  • Class Build: swordsman1, Peltasta 3, Hoplite 2, Corsair1, Retiarius2

  • CPU:

  • RAM:

  • Graphics Card:

  • OS: Windows 10

  • Internet Connection Speed:

  • Country/State: United Kingdom

  • Comments
    I like the concept of holding and taking areas and the buffs from crystals and boss monsters adds to this. I would say that in the heat of battle it’s not always clear who is in your party on the screen, particularly when there are a lot of people on screen which may lead to a brief moment of confusion in getting certain buffs or organising, but that brief moment can be crucial.

I don’y have any qualms specific to GTW for my build, though I would say that as a tank build, it suits pve better in the sense that I can tank, but obviously you can’t force targets in pvp. It’s more noticeable in TBL where it has more of an impact so I won’t say it’s a huge deal in GTW, but I feel it just takes something away and makes me feel slightly more redundant.

As someone in my guild pointed out to me, there feels like a bit of an imbalance between the ratio of number of people in a spot area and the amount of points being given to take the area. In one situation where we had 5+ (that’s being conservative with the estimate, it may have been even 7) of us defending and just 1 opposing guild player inside our spot, the points were still tipping in their favour. I don’t know the full mechanics of how that is worked out, but it didn’t seem right.

I like that the time counting down to start and time remaining is posted throughout; might be nice to get a notification when a given guild has taken a given spot.

Thank you, I hope this is helpful in some small way.