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GTW boruta reward last week BUGGED ...imc?

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Server Name:Telsiai

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Bug Description :
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Steps to reproduce the issue :

  1. Join GTW and got a map
  2. Defeat Boruta
  3. Wait for Reward
  4. No GTW boruta reward till now

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Rewards are distributed every sunday before gtw based on your guild’s rank. When you got a gtw map in challenger’s league, you compet in a time attack on defeating Boruta.

the problem is, it’s bugged in Telsiai.
just look at this non-existent boruta ranking we got last sunday.

I’m from different guild from OP (who did the timed attack too) and we haven’t gotten anything from last week’s boruta either.
guild master already sent a ticket but got generic reply and imc didn’t even mention this in “known issue” post or anywhere

sent ticket already … :tired: same old generic respond …we will forward to other department

@STAFF_Bob @GM_Francis @STAFF_Bob @STAFF_Amy

Hello, in Fedimian Server, we get rewards but this week the boruta medals are missing. From rank 2 we should get 150 medals, we get 0… Thank you IMC.

@STAFF_William are you the one taking responsibility for this issue?

Try hitting the refresh button in the top right of the event storage tab, this happens occasionally but is only a visual bug.

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is it fixed yet ? 20 characters

I can confirm it’s already fixed.
my guild finally received 2nd week boruta rewards yesterday. thank you!
I wish they gave us notification or a post about it though.
we didn’t know they sent it directly to the guild storage until someone talked about it on discord

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