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Growth Server should serves as ToS version of PoE's League and D3 Season

For me, I had a lot of fun in Growth Server due to everyone is the same

level as I was. I can have a party of 5 in any stage of the game compare

if you play in the old server, it’s kinda lonely. But they could make it

without creating a new account, like PoE and D3. One account can move

between old and growth servers. Guild also should be accessible in both

but you need to activate it in growth for a price and if 1 of the two is

participated in GTW, both should be participated. Guild Leader can

assign a GL for the growth server. In character creation, you can only

create a character in growth server depending on how many empty

character slot you have on the old server. We should also have different

rewards and achievement on every growth server release. Goddess’

Roulette should be kept as progression meter for new players. And when

it is time to merge every items in both inventory, team and personal,

should be mail on the old server and the growth server is over. This is

just my suggestion to keep players to stay and play the game.