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Grimoire Master: Remnants of Bernice Dungeon bugged and does not work

Occasionally (or pretty much all the time) when you enter the [Event] Remnants of Bernice dungeon, your monsters do not spawn and instead of showing your Monster skills you get your default skill key setup. Basically you can’t do anything because the dungeon doesn’t start. I have heard people doing different methods to “fix” it. Character select…restarting game…changing characters…swapping Monsters in the grimoire, but none of these work for me. I cannot progress further into the event because of this bug.

Anyone have any solutions?

sometime restart the game not even working now.great.

for me i just try re enter until it works.
so basically there’s no fix, just luck

back then I used to just go to Char Select and it would fix… but now nothing is working for me, and now that I can clear the last stage, I CANT F’ING PLAY!

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