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Grimoire Event Guide and Discussion

I notice that but I was wondering was there something I missed.It is worth doing it on ever character imo.

I was just lucky. That was a funny roll on a character I’m not focusing on.

I’m pretty confident it’s generally not worth doing it on more than one character. Some of the per-stage rewards are character bound, but you can only receive them once per team. It’s weird. Only situation where I can see you doing an alt is something like this:

You have a main that’s really strong but basically maxed out in attribute points. It doesn’t need more. You have an alt that needs attribute points but isn’t very good at leveling your monsters. You get some basic monsters on the alt and just clear stage 1-5 every day for the 1k attribute points. Then you try to push as far as possible on the main and actually try to clear everything else.

Don’t you get free Ignas gear and 3 Asio or Wastrel weapons for each character.You akso get 10 Golden Ichor extraction Kits,2 Ancient Golden Sockets and 20 Silver Extration Kits all those for each character.

I was hoping that too, but I’m pretty sure all the rewards in that table are once per team (even though some are character-bound). I ran the first five stages twice and the second time I didn’t get the stage rewards. I could be wrong though. I might try once more on another alt and see.

Edit: Ran 1-5 on a new character again. Only got the daily box and 1k attribute points.

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me too main grimoire is sucks so im not focusing on it.

this is what i think is funny.the final reward might be good for ichor purposes but it doesnt motivate me at all. but the ignas is kinda of motivate me in a way

Apparently to Kaizaxl you can only get those reward once per team.Only the daily 1k attribute and the monsters album book you can get per character.

i think you misunderstood. all are once per team but some are non storageable

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I hope they really can be ichored. The first [Event] Asio/Wastrel weapons we got couldn’t be ichored. Regardless, the other rewards are still really good.

the “my main has already maxed/high attribute level” is my problem. due to excitement i rolled and did the first stages on my main. :joy: now i’, kinda stuck with unusually char-bound attribute tickets.

What are good monsters to summon and invest to?
Are non-evolved legends better than evolved unique/magic?

boruta cause i think its the strongest imo.
and skia is so tanky.i rather go with legends/unique.i got myself 3 skia but i rather go with 3 of them rather than evolving it haha
they help a lot in wave 6

so its the monster not us? lol
the guide say you can step on the fire so all i did is my character tryin to step on them and hit space but nothing works
i thought that fires gonna hurt so i make my monster avoid it, so is it not?
the explosion really hurt though, and all i did so far was make them move to each corner of map each time fire spawn lol

I’m not actually sure since I haven’t had the time to build up my team so much. @Friend is the one who said this is what happens.

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You have to move your monster on top of the fire to remove it. The description of the challenge is incorrect in-game.

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hello does anyone know which of the monsters has the healing skill?

Organ and Escarot /20 characters grumble

What did you guys use on Map 6 (Full-time silence)???

Did anyone even complete stage 28-30? I’ve tried many compositions and never got past 29, the elites are a pain. Even when I managed to get a heal before stage 28, it didn’t matter.

yes i have, using zoomed out method so the enemy doesnt attack your pokemon at all

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No need to have zoomy for 30. You can run fast into top corner and wait. Zoom is good for later stages.

You guys can search grimoire event clearing 40 stages on youtube. Hope mafia gangs dont flag my comment :slight_smile: .