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Griefing Free Players

  • Reason for report : Griefing

  • Server : Fedimian [EU]

  • Team Name of the reported character: Sparklefist

  • Location : West Siaulai Woods

  • Approximate date / time (EDT) : 07:30 to 07:50

  • Evidence

I was giving away free buffs for new players (And old players aswell) when two high level guys came intentionally griefing the buffshop and tossing red orbs at the low levels. I could only screenshot one of them.

The community helped me a lot declaring war to them to the point they had to leave their guild (LuckyStar) and dueling them, but there was nothing more to do and they kept griefing.

Tricking people into accepting a duel is griefing. Buying buffs from pardoner is not.

i was watching that accident too, and saw that pardoner was changing prices on buffs from 1 to 10k when he saw someone buying.
what a nasty griefer

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So there’s player like that huh…

Actually I’m surprised there wasn’t more of them. Being there from the very beginning (even before main zerg wave rushed in lol) I saw… 3? Maybe 4 high-lvl players spamming free buffs, was it?

That is compared to dozens that came with greetings is a good sign I guess :smiley: Next time I see a post about how toxic our community is I might just tell about what happened today.

P.S. The moment allied cataphracts rushed in to save bullied pardoner was absolutely awesome. Rohirrims are dying of envy :smile_cat:

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