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Green or Yellow Gem for Musketter's weapon?

Hello, im a musketter 2 and i want to know what is the better gem, green or yellow, for my weapon 315

I have 100 str, 190 dex invested and 260 str, 309 dex with ellaganos

467 critical rate and 390 critical attack

Yellow gems will only be triggered when you crit.
The best DPS is if you have 100% crit.
At lv 330 you need 785 crit rate to have 100% crit against 0 enemies.
If you have archer 2, you just need to have 330*1.9= 628 crit rate.
Use green gems to compensate the lack of crit rate.
Also consider when you are party with someone who can cast monstrance

im 330 and archer c3, but i wanna know how much the yellow gem will rise my critical damage

if i hit 100k and have 1.5k critical attack how much will influence my critical damage?

Recommend to start going more crit rate (dex or equip), and get yellow gems.

High crit stat + yellow gem is quite strong on musketeer.

Your 1.5k is already included in your 100k. The damage which is shown is your final damage. Your damage depends on your Physical attack stat, skill enhance attribute, and crits.

In short,
Crit = +50% damage, and +crit attack.
Enhance = +% (total) damage.

If you are interested, you could view the complete formula for damage:

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yellow gem effectiveness depends on your enhance attribute.
For example your snipe skill attribute is 90%
your covering fire attribute is 50%
you use lv 7 yellow gem (470 crit atk)
when you use snipe, you final dmg will be (snipe+470)*1.9
when you use covering fire, your final damage will be (covering fire+470)*1.5

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Snipe and covering fire for example have %modifiers so it’d be even more

Snipe -> (snipe + 470) *4.9
Covering fire -> (Covering fire + 470) *2