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Green Ichors in companions work using old mechanics

October 6, 2020 11:00 AM (BRT)

Server Name: [SA] Silute

Team Name: darkdevildeath

Character Name: D3PRM

Bug Description :

All fixed or random “green” ichors when equipped in a companion work as follows:

  • INT: No effect (as expected)
  • SPR: Each point grants 1 block penatration to the companion
  • DEX: Each point grants 1 evasion, 1 accuracy and 1 crit chance to the companion (It does not affect the companion’s attack speed or critical attack as described)
  • CON: Each point grants 0,12% in HP (The expected was + 0.3% of the max. HP per level and +1% of max. HP per 10 levels. Increased physical defense and magical defense were also expected, but this is not the case.)
  • STR: Each point grants 1 physical attack (The expected was +2 per 1 STR and +5% per 10 STR)

This leads me to conclude that companions have the basic stats formulas of the 2016 season. Almost 5 years without being updated (sorry, but this is absurd).

I would love to keep it that way actually, that’s one part that mount classes have extra upgradability.


2470 PDef and 118 Evasion is transferred to the main character.

The new mechanic would allow the companion to reach the 4x HP.
The 5x defense and attack.
4k evasion, accuracy and critical chance.

Hunter is now a pretty useless class. It is not necessary to balance it.
It is only necessary to correct the formulas.