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Gray Golem (Owl Burial Ground)

I can’t find where it is. Here’s the quest I’m talking.

I couldn’t find it too…

The boulder blocking the path south on that map. You get a yellow message when you get near it, right? Before its chamber you see a tiny golem looking at some trees. Interact with it and then go near the boulder, it should attack you. I don’t know if you have to complete other quests first, but I remember I didn’t trigger it the very first time.

Around the bottom part of the area, talk to a small golem-like NPC. The Gray Golem will then appear.
The NPC should be standing there at the red circle in the picture.

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Got it thanks guys!!!

Hmm… Cant seem to find the small golem NPC. I have done all the other quests though. Any others with the same problem?

i just killed the big golem… now i cant break the giant boulder… whats behind the boulder?

I finded him but i couldn’t summon the boss,i don’t know why.

I find the quest,but i don’t know how to break the boulder.

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I spam clicked him and the boss fight started on both of my chars. I don’t know why I tried I that the first time, but the second time it was definitely on purpose


i think its a word of play for attack on titan
the boulder is the wall
the tiny golem is the little people
the giant golem is the giant
we are the potato eating people who happen to jump on top of the golem and defeat it >_>