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Got bugged at Laima's spinning wheel (5) quest

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Server Name: Fedimian

Team Name: Spurdo

Character Name: blessyou

Bug Description :
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While being at the “Hidden place” I teleported to town before finishing talking to NPC’s and ending the quest. Later I didn’t knew how to go back so I ended the quest trough the quest log thinking I could restart it.
But now there’s no quest to be shown anymore! There’s no Laima’s spinning wheel also, it should be in Skalda outskirts where I am standing.
Completed quest in the list are up to Laima’s spinning wheel (4) and there are no active or new quest showing. It’s like it disappeared completely.
Steps to reproduce the issue :

  1. Do Laima’s spinning wheel (5) quest
  2. When in “Hidden place” don’t finish talking to NPC’s and teleport away
  3. End quest
  4. Log off and log in back again

Screenshots / Video :
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This is where spinning wheel should be

See my quest log is completely empty

Completed quest are up to Laima’s spinning wheel (4)

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You know at this point i’ll delete the character and start from the scratch again. It’s not like I invested in it that much.
Just keep in mind that glitch like this exists.

Hello angelsfive88,

Kindly send us a support ticket for assistance regarding the matter.