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Good Solo DPS build with Alchemist C3

Could anyone recommend a build that is good for soloing but also has alchemist C3 as it’s last three choices.

Wizard C2 -> Pyro C3 -> Alch C3
Wizard C1 -> Pyro C1 (or Wizard C2) -> Linker C1 -> Thaumaturge C2 -> Alch C3

Are these good builds for Solo or do you recommend something else?


Check out the Wizard section of my sweet class guide: Xan's Class/Spec Guide

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I like it, would the Sorc Alchemist or Ele Alchemist be viable for group PvM/boss fighting too?

The Sorc Alch is a little more for solo/understanding the fact that you currently only need to hit 225 (R7) so therefore don’t need to group. This is the current standard Alchemist build.

The Ele Alch is a little more well-rounded for group play. Although it’s not as strong as a full Ele due to lacking Frost Cloud and the full damage aspect, it is definitely better for group play and AoE damage. The Ele Alch may be the preferred spec for new Alchemists aiming for 275+ (R8).

Unfortunately as an Alchemist you need to understand you’re a money class. This should not be your main and you should not try to make it viable for additional content outside of making money and/or potions, awakenings, and briquetting for yourself.