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Good build for CM?


Making a new character mostly for completing collections thorugh CM (from lvl 100 onwards). All suggestions I find seemt o be pre-Re:Build.

Any suggestion for an overall good CM build is appreciated.

I love playing with wizard tree. I play with Pyromancer - Onmyoji - Sorcerer, but the last class is not the most indicated for new players or to CM atm.
If you plan and like mages, I would say that any combination with pyromancer, elementalist, taoist and onmyoji are good choices. The most common used to be Pyromancer - Elementalist - Taoist. It’s really strong! You could also play with Pyromancer - Elementalist - Onmyoji. Pyro is easy to play and combined with Elementalist it does a good combo of area + magic damage. Onmyoji has the most range of magic of all magic classes and I think of the game lol.
Atm It’s really easy to clean CM5 with primus items.
If you like clerics you could go Exorcist - Druid - Krivis. It’s a good combination. Well, that’s it. XD
You can also check on youtube some popular builds! Like hardcore gaming has some of it really well explained and Immanence has written a good guide of the best farming class right now.

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I farmed all lvl100-320ish collections with 2 builds:

  1. Chaplain-Inquisitor: I farmed all lvl100-240 collections with this auto-attack build. Cafrisun+enchant fire+enchanter friend giving buffs made this build melt mobs with nothing but auto attacks. While this still should still work, I do not recommend it. (I used this before the skill factor for almost all classes were buffed, and because of that, there are many more useful builds to farm collections now)

  2. SR-Corsair-X: Farmed the rest with this, after the skill factor buffs. Big AoEs, good dps, very comfortable to farm with. Get the attributes for Retreat and Marching to 50ish, then enjoy how easy it is. In the 5 seconds of retreat/marching downtime, use corsair skills. 3rd class can be any support or pistol class. I used nothing but the default Kedoran gear + attributes at lvl50 btw, and CMs on all maps were still doable with SR-Corsair.

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