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Gold sellers... do I have to report them every day and one by one?

I mean, they are on every channel in Klaipeda City. One near the warp statue, one near the storage NPC, and often one below the statue down the stairs. They’re spamming messages in the chat window and also in normal mode when you’re close to them. Pressing “report” does nothing… is there even some code behind the button that does something? Pressing “block” works fine… but after a while you’d like to unblock those who have been dealt with. And you know what… they are still around after weeks!

Don’t tell me it’s not trivial to code a simple task that parses chat messages and wipes characters that spam messages from the two or three sites that advertise this crap…


it gets really annoying after a month of the same person spamming chat with their website and if it was 1 person but is like 4 diferent spammers at the same time :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: