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Goddess Zemyna Cutscene is really gone?

Hi, i want to ask mainly to the ToS Staff about this.
I love ToS Story and thus i’m making videos about it, every time a goddess show up i make a better cutscene for her and dubbing, but… It seens that Goddess Zemyna cutscene were removed from the game. Is that really it? I climbed the Earth Tower 40f with four different characters and the Sanctuary floor do not open anymore.
Can you help me with this? I at least want to know if her scene really is gone so i can move on…
@STAFF_Yuri @William121213513513 @STAFF_Bob (sorry to bother)

the room after the 40th floor been removed a long time ago can’t really remember when o: maybe round the time they changed how ET is today

That’s a shame… I suppose it’s because ET runs are now fragmented and the cutscene was only meaningful if you ran the tower from bottom to top in one run.