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Goddess Saule's BUG


Hi Everyone! I encouter Saule’s bug, where I can’t talk to her…
I check Forum for this bug… And found some solves… But all them with help from other chars(such as Cryomancer e.t.c)…
I found way how to do it alone. :slight_smile:

1st: Jump on square where goddess entraped.
2nd: Zoom camera as much as you can.
3rd: Move to top corner of square(don’t fall from it).
4th: Move your cursor near Saule (Right from her head)

All must be like on this screen(If you click and fail to talk with her, try again, there is not 100% chance):

I hope this helps. :slight_smile:


Saule’s rainbow trek? seems fun but isnt just better to change mode to keyboard and press spacebar?