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Goddess grace restructuring

here’s my humble suggestion about the goddess grace, which i think could really improve qol for every player:

1st) prizes revising: removal of 100 attribute points ticket from the lowest tier and removal of mystic page tome box from the 3rd tier.
100 attribute points are completely pointless and honestly its kinda sad to do the math and discover you’ve spent like 10m for those tickets, especially because every limited time event always gives thousands of attribute points for free.
regarding the mystic tome box, its incredibly underwhelming as a 3rd tier prize, since you can get 2 guaranteed mystic tome pages every week from the wb provided you can do a total of 150m dmg, which isn’t hard even for a new char. plus you have a chance with all legend raids and sole hunt boss, some of which are incredibly easy even for new players. in short mystic pages aren’t a rare item anymore and thus do not deserve to be in 3rd tier

2nd) piety\safety net system: introduce a threesold (like 50m, 70m) that guarantees the next single roll will be a 3rd tier or higher prize (NOT necessarily an arch stone or a fragment, but at least a 3rd tier prize). this needs to be done for the following reasons, and ofc its manily about arch stones and arch stones fragments:

  • not related to arch stone and fragments: really its just sad to see you have wasted 50/70 millions on the lottery without getting anything significant. as it has been pointed out the goddess grace is similar to a gatcha, and well most gatchas have such safety sistems

  • related to arch stone and fragments: while some might object that contents that give you a fragment chance have increased since arch stones were introduced, id like to point out that the content difficulty is becoming increasingly difficult. when arch stones were introduced you could drop a whole arch stone from uphill, while now the easiest content to drop 1 single fragmente its dimensional collapse, which is still a difficult content for a new player. if you mantain this approach going foward, in a few month catching up as a new player will be impossible, since the only way to obtain arch stones outside of lottery will be to clear contents balanced around chars having gears crafted using arch stones.

  • related to arch stone (might be fedimian specific but i doubt so): arch stone fragments prices are costantly rising, if nothing is done in 2\3 months a single fragment could be worth 200m, wich is an absurd price since atm you are required to get 64 fragment, and in the future you will need 32 more (total 96) when lv3 armors are introduced. this is increasing need is the reason why prices are rising, but there’s also the fact that some players with large resources are buying the rare fragments that are put on sales and reselling them at an increased price. I honestly don’t blame them for doing this but there’s a limit to how much the price can rise without screwing everyone gear progression. Of course, since those players are probably the top ranked ones in the joint strike, this safety net system could also compensate them for the loss of silver from fragment tradings, if the chances to get arch stones and fragments are decent enough, more people will invest in the lottery, increasing the prize money for rankers.

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Mystic Tome Pages have gotten quite rare on my server, so I wouldn’t remove them from rewards completely.

Attribute points will actually get more important with Episode 13, because you will get new attributes that increase Stats and you will need 11M attribute points to max all out.

How about giving us the rates and making it more reasonable?

They removed silver drops but did nothing about the silver sink mechanics in this game (grace, rng ichoring, etc)

This. It’s just a scam. Rest is fine, even the enhancement coupons for convenience.

Yeah why not. Usually I spend a couple millions in this and barely get a tier 2 item each time. And you see the same people getting the archstones since they have billions and can spam 100 millions each time to increase the chance of getting top tier items.

Really? I doubt that…
It seems that the chance of getting a fragment is the same as the chance of getting the full archstone before. You don’t get fragments by simply doing content, the only way is to invest billions in the lottery.
(I’ve got an archstone from Uphill almost at the beginning when they were introduced but since then not even a single fragment… go figure…)
If you have the chance of getting a fragment per week, it would take 60 weeks to make your accessories and ark. I got 2 in 3 months, I’ll probably die of old age before I see Karaliene and arks.

What content gives chance of archstone fragment apart from Uphill and DCP? Tel Harsha? I’ve tried it and unless you already have full endgame gear it’s simply unfeasible, it’s like Misrus day one. The legend raids? They have been made so complicated you need to remember a million gimmicks…

And soon Vaivora level 4 and armor level 3 when you don’t even have a Vaivora and Legend armor…

The problem is that you can still buy those AP directly from the F3 menu (1 point per 1000 silver) so AP 100 coupons are still a joke…

But you don’t lose anything, in the F3 menu you’d also get 100 attribute points for 100000 silver. Though of course you’d be insane to pay for it.

just dont do the lottery and buy Fragments from the Market…
Its such a waste of money and you just make whales even more rich…
Iplay again since last season server used all resets i got and all i got was hl vv and 0 frags.

I’m 700m in the hole with grace and not a single archstone. I’m sure others have it worst. But with the silver removal it makes it more reasonable to not do it anymore.

as i’ve wrote in my post, you’re giving the so called whales money anyway, since they’re buying frags and reselling them for higher price

this is exactly why a safety net should be implemented, it’s everyone loss if nobody wants to invest in the roulette

Yep, if nobody does roulette there won’t be any arkstones / fragments on the market anymore either (or at least their price will go up).