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Goddess Gem/Shard

Hello all,

Any tips and tricks on the fastest way to get goddess gems/shards?

Thanks :slight_smile:

sell wings from gacha using BG

HI, sorry noob here, what wings?

Content wise, participate in DCP runs, Uphill to get mercenary coins. You can use 5k coins er day to get 5 Bgs

these wings

so you use your real money, top up TP, buy goddes cube, get wings, sell them to any rich player for hundred million silver, and you use that silver to buy Blessed gem from market

One ‘trick’ i use is to try my luck re-identifying Primus Dysnai gears. Getting 2purple,2green or 3g 1p or 2g 1p 1red, will trade well with BGs even if you dont nucle them to get crit rate or whatever. You can get basic magnifiers through events, CM or in the market.

oh ok, what do these wings actually do in game?

just to show off to other player, proof that you are whale

well that’s quite sad