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Goddess Card Switching/Reset Voucher

Greetings, I’m here to summit a small suggestion.

I found its necessary to include goddess cards switching voucher inside reset package so not only clerics but also other chars since probably there will be future event that allow players to switch base classes (ex:wizard->swordman…) be able to exchange their already max level Goddess Cards from physical support(STR,DEX) <-> magical support(INT,SPR)…

I know the dmg type on cleric is universal now but the stats itself is not, and making another level 10 goddess cards is time consuming. I would rather making new level 10 Ark when i first switching from Chaplain to Druid than making another level 10 Goddess Card so if we already have Ark type change included please consider adding Goddess Card to reset package.

Thank you for your time, have a nice day!


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