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Glove Ichors Mismatch

Server Name: Sigita

Team Name: Sylverbolt

Character Name: Castiel

Bug Description:
I cannot place a “glove ichor” on a piece of glove armor despite both being clearly labeled as “glove” items. I was able to place ichors on all other pieces of equipment with their respective ichor counterparts other than the glove. Am I missing something here?

Screenshots / Video :

you cannot equip an ichor random to a salvinose set, you can only equip a set type velcoffer or varnas because the salvinose set already comes with status random and this would come to do the ichor random


Well, that explains it. Thanks! I also just found an updated guide on these ichors which explains the differences between random stat and set stats.

Just a bit of advice: unless you don’t have access to magnifiers, don’t waste your Dysnai items making such crap ichors. For your armor, you should have at least two green lines (str/con or int/con) and a purple line (usually critical rate, but stuff like accuracy, block or evasion would be fine) – and two green/two purple or three green/one purple is usually the way to go. And stats go up to 70+. The ichor you’re showing on that screenshot is probably worse than the random lines you’ll get on your Savinose armor if you reroll them!