Tree of Savior

Give suggestions A1 QS 3 Ranger 2 what should i do next?


As the title says what should i pick next? Suggestions pls


No point in build for now, a new system with no circles will hit us soon


I’m pretty sure he/she is just looking for build suggestions for the time being.

I’d say either musketeer3 or falc3.

Edit: or go archer2 then BM3.


yea i know but for the time being i wanted to make one


if i go musketeer 3 should i go a2 in last circle?


Oh yea. Though honestly ranger2 doesn’t fit too well with musketeer…


i see might as well wait for rebuild lol thanks anyways


yeah nah, I suggest you just pick something to help you level up faster because if you get near max lv before Rebuild you’ll be able to try more builds (or more complete builds since you’ll unlock all skills) during the free resets event

(as for what to pick Idk)


Hi, I have A2 QS 3 Ranger 1 Appraiser Bullet Marker 3, you will not have Appraiser since you took Ranger 2. It is not the best build in the world, but it works, I use Running shot while my BM skills are in cooldown, Ranger critical shot helps boosting damage as well… I am able to solo CM stage 5 in S9 for example, i’m equipped with lvl 350 primus +16 trans 10 tho, attributes lvl 50…
You can also use Rank Down sistem :

Then build something like a falconeer Mergen, it is better because Aiming and Circling helps a lot :
What do you guys think ?


You should really be able to solo cm5 sausy9 with a +16 trans10 weapon… In relation to the new maps, stage 5 in sausy9 is only stage 3 or 4 in Spell Tome, Barynwell etc