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Give back Sorc hold ground plz

Give back Sorc hold ground plz, I can’t even fight with my Sorc anymore, first you nerfed the hell out of basic Sorc pet dmg and then you take away hold ground, don’t you know how annoying it is to attempt to fight a boss when you attempt to move out of dmg range only to have all your pets follow you because you went 100(w/e distance is measured in game) away from it and forced attack is just no good and I never used it because its not like they stay there attacking. Either give us back hold ground or make it so that we pet users can move a further distance away from our pets as it pointless attempting to play the class now.

It’s not a huge deal, it just requires a slightly different playstyle.

I’ve learned to live without it.


You know that is great that you’ve learned to play w/o it and I applaud your but you comment really isn’t helping the thread, IMC themselves said that if enough players say that they want Hold Ground and Attack Ground back then we should say so and they would add it back in so here is my vote for it, if you don’t want it that is fine you can just not use it but I do and your comment doesn’t help much.

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Use stationary summons, pyroego is pretty good.


i use that too its great but thats not the point hold ground and send to atack a summon it was the way a summoner has to be because we lose the range that our summons can be away from us then they removed those skills damn. now u cant send to get the minion agroo and start atacking in a place or make it been seen by all enemies before you or hit enemies from far away and they cant even see you. Ahhh i miss those days but yea betwen the hold position and send atack and recover minion range to be away from you i will rater the range to be away from you. But well if we get back the hold or atack place its ok :frowning: