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Giltine Raid Gimmicks List

I am posting a translation of the Giltine raid skills and gimmicks that I found from a KTest player’s blog. I hope it helps those of you who are trying to clear the raid. Best of luck!


As much as I appreciate the effort that was done from Gimbap to translate this, I do want to point something out.

The guide which all of this was based on comes from a player who did the raid on the test server. Not only did the raid get changed in multiple ways, some of these statements are based on the auto-matching version. On top of this, most of the statements were made based either on assumptions or incorrect information. The guide was never updated.

Therefore, a large amount of information in this guide is wrong. There are useful images, and some instructions are correct in order to handle mechanics, but be careful when trusting what this guide says to do. Some of the mechanics tell you the exact opposite of what needs to be done, while others state false information that will mislead you.