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Giltine Crown of Thorns is capped at level 10 in ITOS

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Ok so Korea has relic 20, no nerfs on magenta, no nerfs anywhere. We still have relic 10 cap.

Now, why is it not uncapped? Did you actually forget it has been capped at level 10 or what? If you are going to do nothing at all in Korea to change crown efficiency might as well just uncap us.

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Have mercy on me stronk boys, i can barely handle relic10 :sad:


Leveling relic is like literally the top 1 on the things that i do not want to do it ever again in my life.



I’m still sitting at Relic Lv. 3 :sad:
I don’t have the willpower to grind this thing to Lv. 10. I’m just purifying and using Breath of Power as it falls into my lap. I don’t know who’s idea this Breath of Power mechanic was but I hope someone sane takes over their job. It has to be one of the most unfun progression mechanics since the game was made

They need to lock him in the basement with whoever came up with Boruta Seal progression


like the Goddess Cards it’s not something you are supposed to get in 1 month or 2. Same for goddess giltine. Some stuff take time, just let it be.

You remind me of that old school boy who ask for another homework simply because he already done it.

I get why this game getting so much numbers oriented, more and more damage minded. People are getting addict to high numbers, resulting in lots of higher caps increases and mobs stat increases. Ridiculously koreans probably loved it.

But see where it goes, they regret the result, nerfing sfrs, nerfing mobs hp, etcs

There are tons of mmo living longer life than tos and has steady damage caps and calculation. Because they try not to mess it up with some silly op stuff(s)


I agree, I’m tired of having tons and tons of useless breaths of powers, purifiers and enhancement coupons from GG

Higher relic is good for everyone, faster and easier carries for raids
What exactly would you complain about other than the ego hit you have to take from being lower relic level?

The ego hits is what happens to you. Cares for the carrying group only doesn’t sound egoistic at all because you justify it by carry, yeah that’s sounds about right.

Like the guy with homework analogy, you are one to ask for more homework and you simply overdid it when even the teacher didnt ask you to and now you gonna say the rest majority of class is slow and call them egoist?? Try do that in life and see what you got, try yourself as kid, tell your kids to do it

It’s like doing uphill when your mb capped lmao. Honestly why would you farm breath thingies knowing it’s capped except to hunt good gem which drop rate is abysmal?it’s like years years ago someone would go field hunting and farm red/blue/yellow/green gem when lv 10 gem is like a dream then Imc create geraldas gang, release abrasive as high as lvl 10 and even giveaway high level one as freebies and makes all those effort became waste

Lemme introduce you, ep 1x reward, a voucher to make your relic lv 10. And also lemme introduce you a package with this voucher in it. Tbr.


That doesn’t make sense, I already carry with my relic 10, I only say it makes things faster if people that have the resources can carry faster. Nobody likes long automatch/party snake

I literally dont even try getting relic stuff, I dont do res hard and I dont do res normal
I just have a ton of breaths from farming F2 and a million mats to enhance gems/relics from Goddess Grace
All useless because IMC keeps it locked

You are right. This game doesn’t make sense at all anyway. Majority decisions they made never make sense. That’s why you getting used to it. Sorry not sorry.

I forgive you anyways

I offered you something non make sense as simple as wording sorry not sorry and yet you try to give it some sense by forgiving hahaha
Now I know your level of sense rofl

What make sense for them is making it lv 99. That way they can earn their no life trophy


Maybe they uncap the Crown when the next big patch (the one with the SFR readjustments and everything) comes.
I understand that top players are starting to not have things to improve/level up (other than make more chars), and want to be as close to kTOS as posible, but personally I don’t want lv.20 Crowns to come. That would make everything more Crown dependant that it is today, and seeing the EXP tables of that thing, it’s just insufferable and expensive, and that not counting the Gem leveling from lv.5+.

Maybe it’s inevitable that happens someday, but I hope it’s delayed as much as possible.

Isn’t there a video of someone stomping everything in the game while naked just using the crown? Shows how stupid this item is…

bruh hahaha i feel u :feelsbadman:

Ego and all aside, if IMC does not have any intention at all of ever deleting Relic Lvl 20 from this game and is going to continue to balance the game according to KToS’s playerbase with Relic Lvl 20, then screw it, just give us Relic Lvl 20. Feels like complaining over spilt milk over when Relic Lvl 20 should come to IToS at this point when it should’ve been in IToS months ago.

Either give us Relic Lvl 20 or turn KToS’s Relic into Relic Lvl 10. I personally prefer sticking to Lvl 10 but Relic Lvl 20 feels like an inevitability at this point (there’s even two titles for players who’ve upgraded their Relic Gems to Lvl 10, Ruler of the Relic and Relic Trailblazer AKA needing a Relic Lvl 20 requirement).

Its not like IMC will ever balance IToS’s content according to IToS’s playerbase with Relic Lvl 10.

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Relic 20 is probably fine, keep gems locked at 5 or 6. And slowly unlock based on the overall population . Thats probably ideal for both. Isn’t this the initial reason of imc locking ITOS to relic 10?

That’s a brilliant idea given that the population is really high and on the road towards the new peak of 700 concurrent users!

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