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Getting started on TOS github?

I was interested in helping the localization, translation or “whatever needs doing” in the project. I’ve done professional testing before, so I have some familiarity at least in the environment.

I’ve been reading, browsing, and skimming an assort of things on the Tree of Savior GitHub English translation repository. I also was rolling around and lurking, on discord, where I have yet to work up the courage to say something. :S I figured I might try saying something on here.

I so read what your suppose to do, ( ) but it doesn’t actually tell you what to do first. I guess, that doesn’t really help explain. :sweat: hmm… I guess, what I am saying is that I took a look the at files and felt a little overwhelmed.

I know this is going to be like opening up a new board game and learn how to play it for the first time.

So, can anyone tell me what I should do to get started on helping?
Do I download the Korean client from the main site, or do the following: General kTest Thread? If there is a difference between the Korean client w/english patch as opposed to the Open Text client which should I be using?
After all that install stuff, my next question would be, how do I then start contributing to the repository? Do I simply t jump right in, as in, ask for a new pull request and start editing? That is, of course, while using this guide:

I figured I could help first by doing any tedious work. Anyone think of any editing with capitalization, punctuation or sentence structure need doing? I take it, I would just use this to figure that out, correct?

I think, I am mostly worried about doing something that would mess up the whole constancy of the this translation process. Although, I maybe getting anxiety, then pointlessly doubting my self here.

Thank you kindly for the help

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This is an extremely late and not extremely informative reply but for anyone in the future looking to join:

I’m also very very new to this project but I can give you my first experience in pulling requests and having it merged! If you follow this carefully, there should be few issues. I was pretty anxious about messing things up too, but mind that others in the project will also review your work over and over again and catch any mistakes. And pull requests are just pull requests, if something goes wrong, it has no effect on the game files until merge.

Mind that I ONLY did proofreading, which isn’t complex.

Basically, what I did first after reading all the instructions was pick a file (QUEST_LV_0200.tsv in my case since it was smaller and I didn’t need a seperate editor to proofread it), read the lines, and clicked the pencil + edited whenever I saw a mistake or something that could be written better. I recorded every line and a reason as to why I changed it in the box below, which probably is overkill, but it’s better than a skimpy summary.

I did not download anything, but I feel like this was a mistake. I don’t think dl’ing the client is necessary for proofreading, but downloading a text editor software to proofread SEPERATELY from github and then transplanting your edits might be better, albiet more tedious. It can also let you edit the larger files.

Other things I should have watched out more for:

  1. Keep the KR files open at all times so you can check if something is supposed to be there or supposed to not be there. I was always confused on punctuation (for instance, a lack of a period when other sentences had one, etc.) and this can be easily fixed by seeing how the line looks in the KR version. This is more a translation vs a localization at this point as far as I know and keeping it true to the KR version is the best route to go.
  2. Be more aware of the lore of the game and the culture it is based off of. Keep the references open.
  3. Take others’ opinions on phrasing and syntax before you edit.
  4. Make requested changes asap. Work together with the others, especially the people who have worked on this a lot.
  5. Always ask questions if you’re confused about something. I doubt you will be bothersome as people are in this project for a reason.

I could be very wrong about things I’m not aware of, so @others, please do correct me. Have fun proofreading!

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