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Gemstone Feud nearly impossible to do


Currently on Silute [SA] Gemstone Feud is almost impossible to do without any issues, like channel crashing, lag, freeze and rollbacks.
Today the channel crashed in miner’s village and a LOT of players couldn’t get in (timer passed 8:05pm)

After that, on the second run, I was bugged in the ground half of the match.

The problem is that these kind of things are happening EVERY DAY to everyone, and has been like this since the Re:Build patch came.
This is one of the most important contents of the game, but is very very difficult to even enter the map.

Silute [SA]


Já tentou reparar os arquivos do jogo?


Faço isso a cada 2 dias, infelizmente.

Não é um problema em UM computador de um player, crasha o canal pra todo mundo. Todos os players de miners village tomam rollback, são várias situações causadas — provavelmente — por problemas no servidor. Não tem como os arquivos no computador de um player derrubar todo mundo ou travar o jogo de todos numa partida.


*He asked me if I tried to repair my game files…

I do this once every 2 days, unfortunately.
This kind of problem is caused probably by a bad server/host. I’m pretty sure that some game files in ONE player’s PC is not the cause of ‘all’ players in Silute having troubles to enter or play the gemstone due to issues with rollback/crash/lag/disconect.


This game just inherently runs like trash, find something better.


Welcome in club \o


Can confirm from Fedi, same ■■■■ different server…


This sort of problems exist at its worst in Telsaia server.

  1. Your character do not auto exit after 1 minute of the match end. Force close and enter may result in issue #2
  2. Congratulations you entered or so you thought. Loading screen over… You see yourself in the map and 1/2 a second later you see loading screen and you are out.
  3. Bug where you cannot talk to npc unless you change map delay entry… 10 minutes impossible to enter. Why? Closing client and restart client takes 5 - 6 minutes. Running to crystal mine and then out… Change map loading takes 3 minutes. Barely a minute left couple with lags.
  4. Channel crash happening too often.
  5. Unable to revive upon death
  6. Imbalances where sometimes you have 22 vs 18.
  7. Lag spike constantly happen. One moment you are farming crystal and the next moment you died with an opponent right beside you who is playing a cleric or warrior class that appears out of nowhere after a short freeze.
  8. You collect a lot of gemstones? Can’t talk to npc and your team lost because you lost all the stones by dying or wasting time standing in front of the npc as npc suddenly becomes uninteractable.

On the side note all these seems to happen after rebuild patch.


Before Rebuild, nobody did Gem Feud, it was only the PvP players and a few extras that wanted the gem that bad that they’d suffer through PvP they didn’t want to do for it, ofc with minor sarcasm before each days match as to say “I don’t like this”

Now all the newbies and returning players, and hell even players that played before but never did PvP are here and the game can’t handle it.

So now we gotta wait for you all to quit so we can get back to our much more enjoyable 12v12 and 6v6 games.



It’s the same on Kalpedia. I get killed in the north side of the map while running around in the south side unable to act. After the first match the channel crashes and I almost always miss the second timer. It’s a colossal lag fest.