Tree of Savior

Gemscool Tree of Savior (Indonesian Tree of Savior)


i am extremely excited for Re:Build

that i tried to get back into the game and i installed the ToS that is allowed in my region but.

there is not 1 person online anywhere on the map.
not 1 player anywhere.

there are only empty offline shops, the auction house is completely empty.
there’s nobody.

am i doomed not to be able to enjoy ToS the way it’s meant to be enjoyed? how can i do saulai or any dungeon?
please let us in the international server, i have always wanted to play the international server but even playing in my allowed server is not possible anymore. can you lift the region lock? or are we doomed?


Hi, I recognize you.

Ssshhhh don’t talk about that topic here.

Secret code #1: Adapt. Do what your heart tells you to do. Unite. Time heals all wounds.


Tree of Savior Indonesia is now an offline single-player game.


your name is now very relevant for Indonesian ToS “RIP ToS”


i’m dead inside, do we really need to do that ? :frowning:


deep down still wish that Idtos server can be merged with iTos. I don’t believe THAT lowly publishers anymore.
Wish I can play legally, the legal does crap here.