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Gem feud sick lag


:satisfaction: the expericen of feud drop from 80 to 10 after rebuild comes
too many reasons, but here i only talk about the lag.
if you cannot solve it, make us more channels in feud plz.

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The lag feels amazing.

The rubberbanding too.

I have no clue why you would complain for something that enhances the experience so much.



i’ll put this anywhere i can:



+fix lag issue



Didn’t IMC want to put Gemstone Feud entries in cities and rollbacked the change after seeing all channels crashing endlessly? That’s what currently happening in Miner’s Village map after each session…

Lag in Gemstone Feud is not the worst part right now.

  1. Broken mouse support. West part is better than east part. At this point, when I’m generated in the east team, I simply stay close to the base and gather a few gems for all duration of the event since I simply cannot move anywhere using mouse.

  2. Retarded NPC that can be oneshotted from anywhere on the map, preventing people from getting points from collected gems. The base is constantly like a fly nest and when you are lucky to come back when the NPC is still alive, you cannot interact with it because it’s hidden behind 15 people, takes a few seconds to find the area to click it, few more seconds to get a response because of lag delay, another couple seconds to get through the progress bar… and when all of this is done, you find out someone already oneshotted it and your gems are still in your inventory. This is a bloody mess… and strongly trying my patience. I’m really considering spending my time afk during the event if this doesn’t get fixed…

  3. Too many people per channel. Is everybody piled up in the same instance when Feud starts? Since re:build, it’s not uncommon to have 20-25 vs 20-25 during the event. It’s impossible to do anything with that amount of people in the map. You literally walk on everyone’s shoes, having 4-5 teammates on the same area killing mobs for gems. And the server clearly cannot handle the load (lag, crashes). Before re:build, feuds with 10vs10 were common, and it was fine. So why not increasing the number of channels?

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Gem feud is the only fun PVP that exists in this game. The lag, rubberbanding and overall unplayability of the zone is not acceptable.

Can you let us know what your team plans to do in order to fix it? More channels would be a good start since the underlying issue is the netcode.



That’s it. I finally lost my nerves yesterday after spending all duration of a run with my 101 gems in inventory and never been able to get any points because clicking on the NPC would never trigger the progress bar. Too many people glued on the area, bugged mouse UI, lag, and NPC oneshotted immediately upon respawn. Seems that he can only handle one request at a time, so you have to wait for everyone’s request to complete to able able to interact.

Done with this crap, from now on I’ll simply afk during the event.

Oh yeah, another funny thing is that the devs stored item count in a short integer… so the maximum quantity of the same items you can carry is limited to 32768. Found it when I tried to add 2000 more badges to my team storage which had 32000 and the game didn’t let me (no message… and fortunately no crash or worse, integer overflow).



For me its the issue where your character don’t exit after gemstones feud is over. A force restart is the issue and sometimes it takes over 5 minutes to do so. Worst is getting kick during loading screen into gemstones feud. You enter to be kicked immediately after. If they can fix this I would say its good but for now its not working. At times you relog but can’t talk to npc and thus waste another few minutes to attempt entry. Sometimes you collect a lot of gemstones but cannot talk to npc…



Before all these new/returning players, back when only 30ish people did Gem Feud it was great. You get those 12v12 matches and if you’re lucky you’re in the 6v6

and on the best days it was 3v3, so basically TPK never dies because it takes more than 3 scrubs to kill a badass like that.

Then a bunch of no names show up and ruin the experience for all the players who were here all along.

Now we wait for these scrubs to realize the game is just as bad as before and quit so that Gem Feud can be decent again, on the upside for now at least in your 20v20 games you don’t have to worry about getting destroyed by TPK as much because no skill losers group up and lag her enough that if there is 5 or more they might stand a chance at killing.

Meanwhile TPKs team, accomplishing ■■■■ all…



Never click “return” after feud is done. Wait the 60 seconds it takes to return to Miner’s Village. I’ve never had any problem when I do this.

The NPC takes requests sequentially, so if there are 10 people around it when you come back, you have to wait for the 10 requests to be processed. Painful.

They just found out you can get 2 Blessed Gems per day doing trivial stuff instead of spending your life struggling into Saalus and HG to get a couple shards. :haha:
It’s funny how it took me like 6 months to find out that Feud was actually worthwhile :wink:



until the channel crashes 5 minutes later regardless


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