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Gem Feud: Faction NPC

Can you guys please consider increasing the health of the NPC?

The NPC is onehit and with Scout being able to infiltrate without Templars or Hunters on your side, you’ll automatically lose the round by having a Scout go and do assassination on him.

I don’t understand how Re:builds gem feud fails to address two things:

  1. the safe area should reveal any Scout attempting to sneak in when entering

  2. The safe aread should disable the use of any invulnerability skill/iframe of an enemy team player entering (e.g. Oracles Foretell, Bokors Mackangdal, Bullet Markers Bloody Overdrive attribute) so you actually have a chance on defeating the one attempting to kill your NPC

If this issue is not addressed, then no matter how much you farm, you’ll lose in the end if the enemy team just sends their Bullet Marker to steal all your points…