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Gearing Up a Healer: is it worth it?

There is this Lunar Box right now at TP shop that gives 430 xp card, max class xp and other stuff… But im more interested on the full Varna Equipments +11 trans10…

I already got a healer but my equips are meh… Some no trans, some not yet+11 so im eyeing for that varnas…

The question, is it worth it on the current endgame?
We now have savi dysnai with 20% bonus healing on full set.
But do you really need that big heals? I mean on my current equips, i can heal like 30-50% hp with just 1 heal… and its not even fully ichored varnas.
The higher defense offered by savi doesnt have any appeal to me since i can just heal up. And the difference is not that big.

I kinda being bias to varna since its easier to obtain(ill buy the lunar box) than hard grinding for a full savi cloth that im not even able to share to my other characters.

Need experts opinion

Ps. I already made a full savi leather and it cost me around or more than 150m, hard work, and luck on setting it up. Im afraid ill go through that hell again for another set of savi cloth equips :woozy_face:

It depends on which content of the game you wanna do: simple ones or the-end game/meta objectives.
You know the more equiped, the more things you can advance to.
If you wanna CM, for example, you don’t need to be full equips.
If you wanna go Glacia/Moringponia etc not only you’ll need good gears but have top ichors/enchants/cards etc.
It’s up to you in fact.
See what makes you happier and go for that.

{I’m saying according to my playstyle. Other players may agree or disagree with what is recorded here xD}

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in my opinion, I think it is still worth just for Aqkrova

  • ww content : main healer use Severity set while 2nd heal use Aqkrova
  • ds5 : 2oracle no cc. set like above or sometimes 2 Aqkrova
  • MoringH : 2 oracle . 2 Aqkrova

note: *still very dependent on big dps teammate :smiley:

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