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Gear Score Calculation Sheet

Gear Score Calculation EN ver. - Google Sheet

Made by me. [IGN : Showy , Sv. Telslai]

Please make a copy of your own and edit number in first table to your current gear.


  1. All of final gear score I design to use round-down number because I’m not sure how rounding in real-game mechanic works. It might go a bit higher if it actually round up though.
  2. Not 100% Accurate about random option penalty. But it is just dedicate to 2-3% of a gear score to each part, affected not more than 3% of you final gear score. So that still good condition I guess.

Feel free to try. Thank you.


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sorry noob question…so what is this gear score used for?

Requirement for entering Raids and most other contents.

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