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Gear Progression for Support Cleric

Hi guys,

I’m a new player in TOS and played for about 2 weeks now. Currently, I am kind of stuck in terms of progressing my gear since it seems like I can’t join CM West 7 because my HP is too low.
I currently have full aqkrova set in my ep 11 Sevinose gear, 2 fixed stats ichors in my weap and shield with SPR and CON.
My class is Priest + Oracle + Diev. My HP now is around 84k, heal is about 37k, mass heal is 70k-ish.

Can you please kindly suggest me of where can I hunt or how to upgrade my gear with the following conditions?

Is it better if I leave my cleric for a while and level up a farming class first such as SR?

Thanks in advance guys!

normally savi->velcoffer gear->skia varna

but you can buy varna gears if you have enough silver, velco and varna can also hold ichors, basically its when you put weapons in weapons keeping stats such as hp.

velco from velcoffer raids
skia varna from skiaclipse

check in f 10
both are weekly raids, maximum times a week.

Character level? Seems strange, because the healer I’m currently leveling up is only 430 with EP11 savinose without any ichors and already has 110k hps. For weapon you’ll get an ichor with spr, for shield I suppose you got Moringponia ichor (+71 con +62 spr). For armor you will need Skiaclipse cloth set (+50 con +62 spr and compassion buff). And don’t forget you get your Carnas Zeisty accessory set, that’s another +110 con +150 spr and healing buff. With all of these you should be fine before switching from savinose to varna.

hi @jojosudito and @draconis,

thank you so much for your suggestions!

It’s clear enough from jojosudito

as for draconis:

My cleric is 432 and currently sitting on 84k without buff. maybe because i put SPR for my stats instead of CON? is it suggested to take CON instead of SPR with the stats?

As for my fixed stats, yes I took Moringponia for my shield and mace.

As of my current stats, do you think i can survive West Jung 7?

Thank you again guys for the help!

I checked my char and indeed put 50 points into CON, rest into SPR. You can always adjust this (go full CON at first so you can survive until you get more CON on better equipment), since it’s easy to get stat reset potions. If you have enough mercenary badges, I’d suggest getting the Zeisty set asap, +110 CON will make a huge difference. (I’ve also got the Skiaclipse Cotton Wear ichor already out of 4 armor pieces, so that’s another 50 CON). Savinose sucks, but you can still reroll the stats with magnifiers/powder to get at least 35 CON on each piece (the game throws mags at you constantly at this moment, better use them why you can).

I’d say no, but with little adjustments you should be fine. 110k hp should be easy to reach, then just use squire food and a statue and you should be at easily 150k hp. That should be enough.