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Gear help? I'm dying way too fast/other questions


Okay, so I’m not exactly a new player but I have no idea about most things in this game, and I only recently began to understand the old class rank system and then re:build hit. I think I understand re:build’s class system to a point, but I realized that they did balance characters and…it seems to have a major effect on my character? I chose skills and attributes I thought would be best going from what my old build was on my archer who’s level 130 with cafrisun armor and a primus weapon. Before I could pretty much clear the receptionist dungeons (or whatever it’s called) in Klaipeda easily, but now I’m struggling a lot and the bosses kill me in like 2 hits. I’m not sure if this is an effect from re:build or if it’s my gear? I did read cafrisun is only good until level 120 or so.

The thing is I don’t really understand where the best gear, weapons, and accessories are or what I need as I level to max? Where do I get it, how, etc. The game is so big I can barely keep up with the storyline areas… I can’t exactly find any guides for gear throughout the whole game, and I’m wondering if things have changed as of this post or if re:build affected the gear in some way. I just can’t seem to understand anything fully, so I was hoping someone could simplify the basics of the best gear/weapons…I haven’t actually gotten to max level on a character yet, so I have no idea about most things.

Other questions I have if anyone’s willing to answer:
Where I should farm silver? I only have 57k and need a lot for enhancing and buying potions, and probably weapons from the market if I can’t figure out how to get my own good weapons…

Where/how is the easiest way to level up fast? I’ve noticed people skip story quests since they don’t really matter for leveling, though I’d still like to complete it as it’s my first playthrough.

What to do end game/when you reach cap level? I’ve read a lot about earth tower but again I still don’t understand most things, especially stuff towards end game!

I think that’s about all my questions, I really appreciate it if you read this far and if anyone’s able to give me some simple answers. c: Sorry if any of my questions are stupidly obvious, but again, I’ve never really found any guide to simplify any of this stuff!
(Also if this is needed for gear help, my character is archer>ranger>falconer and soon to be mergen)


i can only answer some of your questions.

reasons for having a hard time in dungeons, because REbuild made dungeon mobs HP and attack a bit stronger.

cafrisun is still up to 220 or 270
if want to farm silver you can do quests or you can camp in Demon Prison B2, lots of mobs and can stay there upto lvl 200

hope this helps.


in rebuild, story quest exp is boosted 3-5x

so i suggest you do story quest, since it will help you in the long run

archers are hard to level since their AA is single target, you may want to go for classes that has fast cooldown aoe skills like fletcher to level and then change back to something you want when your level is high enough to reach the last class advancement

usually, i +5 my armors when things get a little hard

instance dungeons are made harder in rebuild which explains why you’re easily overwhelmed

but i do suggest you do main story quests Owoy


Ah ok, I read that the dungeons were the easiest way to level up before, but I guess I’ll stick to doing story now. I had no idea they buffed the mobs.
What gear should I get when I’m level 220-270 when cafrisun isn’t as good anymore? And how do I get it?
And thank you both for replying.
I’m not sure where Demon Prison is yet but I’ll keep that in mind when I find it lol


Don’t read old guides.
Do what the numbers tell you, they don’t lie. Look at Cafrisun - literally 0 defense because low level gear.

It’s your first playthrough: Do all quests! Even if it was pre rebuild. That’s actually the whole game. Lot’s of maps to explore, monsters to kill and now quests even give tons of XP and later also silver.
Don’t worry much about gear. Use what you get while leveling up. If it has more armor than yours wear it. Same for the weapon. Get Sacrament and Blessing buff then going through the maps shouldn’t be much of a problem.

Don’t go grinding for god’s sake. You can quest to Lv390 and then you can either quit because you have seen the maps or like the game for whatever reason and start doing dailies.


Mobs weren’t really buffed but instead, the mob stat increase curve became more flat overall when compared to pre-Re:build.

Right now, the mobs are stronger at earlier levels and have some more defense/HP, but at the same time the difficulty of defeating monsters doesn’t suddenly rise exponentially once you reach into the level 350+ range without decent gears.

This became especially evident with the changes to Hunting Grounds like Baubas Cave where monsters now only have around 200-300k HP instead of 500k-1,x m before Re:build.

I think it’s the right way to deal with the problem of power-creeping as now you can deal with these types of monsters with considerably lower levels of equipment & attribute investments than before.

About gear progression: just take everything that drops, preferably rare/unique grade plate armor, and use it till you get to the next equipment tier. There is no real need to “gear up” (i.e. reaching high upgrade counts, gems and transcendence) until you reach level 360+ anyway.


Alright, I’ll use what I get while leveling, thanks for the help, all the guides and videos I saw made me think there was more to the gear and everything made it seem like story quests were pointless/optional


we meant dungeon mobs though owO;;;


it applies to all mobs. If you played about two years or longer, you’ll remember a time when the dungeon monsters were actually much stronger.
And even after the nerf, they were only easy if you got a Pardoners Blessing & Sacrament, which enabled people to kill them with 1-2 autoattacks till ~ level 180+ where there was a sharp rise in difficulty with another one coming in at 260+ and the last one being at 330+/350+.

The dungeons reflect the average difficulty increase in non-dungeon contents (e.g. Saalus, Siaulai/Crystal Mine/Seven Valley/Catacombs mission, raid dungeons, hunting grounds) which all require better average gear than normal field farming, yielding better results in return.


And for damage aspect, crafisun extra hit is pretty nerfed, because of nerf on pardoner buffs (before, pardorner with high spr give like + 2k damage on extra hit. Now is around only +300 damage)


i guess Owo? can’t really tell since i just solo maps that are lower leveled that mine back then for high value market items owO