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Game turned Korean, again, and again

I know this sounds boring, but please hear me out.

My game turned into Korean, again. At first, it happened last Friday at May 7th. I decided to browse the forum and found a thread about it. I try to follow the instructions, but i couldn’t found the DLC tab. So i decided to ticket the problem, and the response basically are “uninstall the game > delete the game folder > reinstall”.

I did that, and it works. I played happily again, without any worries that the problem will occur anymore again. And then comes Saturday, that is today, i made plan that i will try to levelling up my other account. So i log out my main, log in my second account, yadayada, you know, the normal thing. And just when the login UI appears, it turns into Korean again. My monkey brain quickly decided to logging in my main account and it’s still in Korean…

You know, it’s Saturday, a lovely day to play games, while relaxing in your room, and then this thing happens… again…

There is no picture to show proof, because i already in the middle of installing the game again, so all the screenshot’s there already gone. I also already ticket about this problem again, but no answer yet.

Hopefully they will take time to think about this issue and make clear about the NoData Korean thingie.

Or do you guys have any solution to this problem?

Hi, i experienced it last month…im not sure what solution you see on forum but this is what i did: Returning Player - $NoData$ Error

you can see that by going to steam library > right click ToS > then select properties.
A window will pop then select DLC tab. Unchecked all the DLCs and it should trigger a mini patch download.

then you will get a mini patch then it should be all good.

^just incase you still encounter the issue in the future so wont need to reinstall the game :smiley:

credits to original poser on link above

You just need to go into the options in game and set it to English. It’s the dropdown at the bottom of the options. If it’s already on English, just set it to something else and then back to English.

This issue seems to occur if you have your internet drop while trying to start the game, and perhaps other situations.


Hey crev,

Followed this and the game did partially return most of itself into English but I’m still stuck with some elements remaining in “gibberish” (not KR, not ENG).

Doing the DLC thing they mentioned above did the trick.

I encountered the issue when my connection dropped mid-game-launch (I switched to my 2ndary ISP but forgot I was booting up the game).