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Game Support Complaint - IMC stole my guild's Boruta award!

I know that many players here will criticize me and defend the game, which is not bad, the problem is in the administration and support,
And I understand that some newbies must think that I’m being very radical, but I’ve been playing this game for 3 years, since then I expect decent support, but it’s always the same and they don’t change to improve the game.
Unfortunately the IMC philosophy is always the same, bad support, with several problems of instability and LAG, bug and advantage of players who take advantage of this flaw in the game.
It’s been 3 years expecting an improvement, I could quote when the IMC promised to balance all classes, including the Alchemist, but it’s been a year or more since the Reconstruction and they forgot the poor thing that was thrown aside. And whoever thinks that the problems stop there are mistaken, there were several players who took advantage of the exploit of the legendary level 10 cards, who explored the problem and won real money!
What did the IMC do to address this? Nothing!
And before you think badly, I like this game, but I don’t like how it is managed and with each passing day, I get more and more disgusted with the way IMC deals with problems.
And to make things worse? IMC stole my guild’s awards a few months ago. We won the 4th best time in Boruta and received no prize for our efforts, we sent several tickets and even PM was sent to the Forum Staff, all messages were ignored, a neglect and shame in the administration, lack of respect for the players, it discourages me more and more.
I just keep playing this game, for my friends and clan, because if it were for me, I would have given up for a long time!

I know that I will be banned after that topic, but I hope that after that they will change their posture in the way this game is managed and stop promising things they don’t keep!

Alchemist Improvements
64-bit system and performance that should have been implemented a long time ago and with priority, because playing GTW with a game full of LAG is garbage!

And please, if you’re not from Silute (SA) with all due respect, don’t defend what you don’t know what happens there, because SILUTE has no GM and has no administration, it’s a bad server, full of bugs, exploit, lag and everything you can imagine!

I invite you to play a GTW in Gennar and you will see that you can’t take two guilds!

And not to mention the channel crashes every day in the main cities and canal!

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I forgot to talk about the devaluation that older players have, there are no more events or things to amuse us, all attention is only focused on new players, while old ones are forgotten, example creating a new server, most of whom play on Lenja is 80% of the Silute themselves, who migrate there just to take advantage of it in some way, make more silvers and benefit from the ease of the server, it is pure illusion for IMC to think that Lenja is to attract new players!
And most players do this, because they have nothing else to do on Silute, they don’t have attractive, cool or fun events.
But are you going to tell me you have new sets now? Because these sets for each content are more discouraging than stimulating, no one has the patience to spend and making new sets in this way, they have exaggerated these new contents a lot, which in fact seems that the IMC does not know any middle ground, or it makes it more difficult or easier much!
Unfortunately, they don’t know how to create good and good content. And when we suggest, we are ignored!


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