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Game "freeze" in CM

hi, i have the issue when i start any Challenge Mode in any map my game “freeze” like im lagging, but i have 16 ping and 60fps all the time in any map/ch, this thing happen only in challenge mode.
someone know how to fix it?
(as you can see isn’t my pc the problem but i put my specs only for info: GTX 1050 4GB, RAM 16 GB DDR4, i7 7700HQ 2,80Ghz)

Hi @I_ExaR_I, please send us a support ticket for us to assist with your concern. Thank you.

ty, maybe i found a fix, i kept doing client repair via steam many times and every time steam founds corrupted files until the 10th or maybe 11th time steam don’t found nothing corrupted; now i’ve tried challenge mode and this time didn’t freeze, if the issue recurs this time i send a ticket, ty for you quick answer